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KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder By default, jumpers are connected. To connect an AC load, jumpers should be removed. Press and hold the orange part of the pluggable block; insert signal cables into slots and release the orange part. Ensure signal cables are in tight.

Connect pluggable block back into terminal block. Disconnect pluggable block from the RS terminal block.


Make sure the DVR is grounded. Termination Switch Operation This function is applicable to certain models only. The termination switch is placed on the mainboard instead of the rear panel. Turn on the termination switches on the DVR and the furthest speed dome. Keep other termination switches off. The connection diagram and status KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder each termination switch are KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder in the following figure.

HD version of app, optimized for tablets, displays up to 16 live view cameras Free PC and MAC Clients support multiple device viewing, playback with digital zoom and configuration; user rights per camera; E-map support; live view up to KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder cameras in 4: Storage space used is estimated by formulas and may have some deviation from actual value. To start the DVR: Check the power supply is plugged into an electrical outlet. Turn on the power switch on the rear panel; the Power indicator LED on the front panel should be yellow.

To shut down the DVR: Enter the Shutdown menu. Select the Shutdown button. Click the Yes button.


Turn KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder the power switch on the rear panel when the note appears. After the device starting up, the wizard will guide you through the basic settings, including edting password, date and time settings, network settings, HDD initializing, and recording. Live View Some icons are provided on screen in Live View mode to indicate different camera status. Live View Icons In the live view mode, there are icons at the right top of the screen for each channel, KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder the status of the record and alarm in the channel, so that you can find problems as soon as possible.

Indicating that there is an alarm or are alarms. Alarm includes video loss, tampering, motion detection or sensor alarm, etc. Right-click the mouse in the live view mode to show the right-click menu. The online cameras with same network segment will be displayed in the camera list. Click the button to add the camera. The added camera is marked in white while the camera not added is marked in yellow. Explanation of the icons Icon Explanation Icon Explanation Edit basic parameters of the camera The camera is connected. Delete the IP camera.

Add the detected IP camera. The camera is disconnected; you can click the icon to get the exception information of camera.

KT&C KNC-HDBi IP Camera Firmware driver - Driversorg

Advanced settings of the camera. To add other IP cameras: Make sure that the HDD has already been installed. If not, please install a HDD and initialize it. You may refer to the user KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder for detailed information. Two kinds of record types are introduced in the following section, including Instant Record and All-day Record. And for other record types, you may refer to the user manual for detailed information. After rebooting all the manual records enabled are canceled. Instant Recording On the live view window of each channel, there is a quick setting toolbar which shows on the bottom of the window when you click on it. Click the icon to enable the record, and the icon turns to. And click icon to disable the record, then the icon turns to.

2017 Security Products KT&C CATALOGUE. CCTV Camera DVR / NVR Accessories.

All-day Recording Perform the following steps to set the all-day recording. On the KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder view window, right lick the window and move the cursor to the Start Recording option, and select Continuous Record or Motion Detection Record on your demand.

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And click the Yes button in the popup Attention message box to confirm the settings. Playback Then all Play back the record files of a specific channel in the live view menu. Real time recording on any/all channels at p, p, WD1 or SD resolution - Playback any/all 4 Ch, 8 TB EZHD-TRF4/16TB: 4 Ch, 16 KT&C EZHD-TRF4 Recorder. Email Us. : KT&C EZHD-TRF4 4 Channel HD-TVI DVR with No HDD AV 16CH Surveillance Digital Video Recorder HD-TVI/AHD H Full-HD DVR.

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