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It contains all the pro grams with a Daewoo DDT-21H9 signal strength which are not listed in group I.

Group III: It contains all the pro grams with a weak signal Daewoo DDT-21H9 which are not listed in group I. Group IV: If two or more programs with the same code are found, only the strongest or if they have the same level the one with the lowest frequency is listed in group I, II or III.


Daewoo DDT-21H9 others are listed in group IV. Program number 1 France Note: If two programs with the same name but a different code ar e found these two programs are listed in Daewoo DDT-21H9 I, II or III e. Regional pro gram SW3 in Germany.

The Program with the lowest frequency is allocated the first rank in its group, and so forth until the last program of the group which has the highest frequency. Special case: France If France is selected, the TV controlling Daewoo DDT-21H9 swee ps all TV bands with France system selected firstly positi ve video modulation and the second time with Europe system selected nega tive video modulation.

Daewoo TV DVD Combo DDTH9 S User Guide

Switzerland If Switzerland is selected the TV controlling software swee ps all TV Daewoo DDT-21H9 with Europe system selected firstly ne ga tive video modulation and the second time with France system selected positive video modulation. GB Note for setellite receiver users: The sorting order is: If one of the program above is not found, the associated program number remains empty freq.

Only Daewoo DDT-21H9 service personnel may carry out work involving the testing or repair of this equipment. To avoid such hazards, the high voltage must not exceed the specified limit. The nominal value of the high voltage of this receiver is The high voltage must not, under any circumstances.


Each time a receiver requires servicing, the high voltage should be checked. It is important to use an accurate and reliable high voltage meter. Potentials of high voltage are present when this receiver is operating. Operation of the receiver outside the cabinet or with the back board Daewoo DDT-21H9 involves a shock hazard from the receiver.

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The picture tube is Daewoo DDT-21H9 evacuated and if broken, glass fragments will be violently expelled. When replacing a high wattage resistor metal oxide film resistor in the circuit board, keep the resistor 10 mm away from circuit board. Daewoo DDT-21H9


Keep wires away from high voltage or high temperature components. This receiver must operate under AC volts, 5O Hz. Replacement parts which have these special safety characteristics Daewoo DDT-21H9 identified in this manual and its supplements, electrical components having such features are identified by designated symbol on the parts list.

Daewoo DDT-21H9 S TV DVD Combo User Manual

Before replacing any of these components, read Daewoo DDT-21H9 parts list in Daewoo DDT-21H9 manual carefully. The use of substitutes replacement parts which do not have the same safety characteristics as specified in the parts list may create X-RAY Radiation. Tv / dvd combo • Read online or download PDF • Daewoo DDTH9 S User Manual.

Daewoo DDTH9 S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Daewoo DDTH9 S Owner's Manual.

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