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Using the port we want. In fact, that's the reason I started all this! To send data, UI-View will use the K frame. It took me more effort to accomplish this. It was not very easy Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 find the information about how the AX25 sockets work, what I have to send out, etc.


I already mentioned: SSID is taken into account if specified. QTH, hardware, antennas, use Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 IO-ports etc. You should not forget to mention the user QRG's. This is the right place for information about the channel access method and other information which is only interesting for local users.

Glossary of Packet Terms

A short user's guide to the system with the most important commands. The software is used Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 for non-commercial purposes within amateur HAM- radio. All other usages, especially in other radio services, need a written consent by the author in each separate case. Commercial copying and sale of the software is not allowed without prior written consent of the author. No changes must be made at the Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 which are not explicitly agreed with the author. This does NOT apply for setting specific parameters.

Copyright marks and copyright messages of the software modules must not be changed or removed. The software must not be distributed via BBS systems or public accessible bulletin boards, neither in part nor as a whole. Neither the author nor the Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 of the software may be liable for any damages, no matter of what kind, Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 may occur when using the software.


State Description 1 disconnected Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 link setup 3 frame reject 4 disconnect request 5 information transfer 6 REJ frame sent 7 waiting acknowledgement. Internode communication generally runs uncompressed. This would be very difficult to implement, since the ability of doing compression is transmitted within the internode communication. Compression here is not too useful, since there are no digipeaters in the path, and if, compression could not be done. Besides, this ensures the transmission of the callsigns in regular intervals to comply the laws. When for a running QSO a single conventional uncompressed address field is received, this QSO has to be switched to uncompressed mode exception: At the beginning of the internode-QSO it is announced in the O-frame, whether compressed addressing is possible.

It is only used when both nodes are capable of it. This may happen when the originating node had a reset. Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 this case, the older QSO has to be killed immediately. When a compressed frame is received for uncompressed QSO, this frame is discarded. SABM's should always contain the complete path.

Gnet DOS Software

UI's can only very seldom be treated as a QSO, so compressing the callsigns is of no use. Header compression is only available on Solomaster systems. PC/FlexNet is a powerful, flexible and easy to use AX stack for Intelx86 based most notably the Baycom Mailbox (BCM) and Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25 Baycom Terminal (BCT).

procedures); it is not transparent (i.e. you cannot do Baycom FlexNet IP-AX.25. TCP/IP through it!). The ax25ip utility uses this technique to transfer AX frames in and out of TCP/IP environments. /01/14, A daemon to encapsulate AX25 frames in IP datagrams for. /10/15, Mailbox-Client for DP/Baycom-Boxen. /05/23, Multiprotocol router for AX, TCP/IP, INP3, NetROM and FlexNet-Routing.

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