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This frequency could also be obtained by an equivalent clock circuit where the on-chip oscillator would run at 48 MHz in X1 mode or at 24 Mhz in X2 mode. PR2, a 6-bit prescaler, will be used AT8XC5122 generate: Two conditions must be met for a correct use of the SCIB: The list of linked registers is in the table below. The SCIB must complete the first read or write operation before to receive the second. A solution is to add NOP no operation instructions.

Do not set this bit. Cleared to bypass AT8XC5122 PR1 prescaler. Set to select the PR1 output for this peripheral.

AT8XC5122 X2 is low, this bit has no effect. Do not set this bits.

Atmel 80c32X2-UM not in the list of Atmel 8051 chips supported by Keil

Clear to disable the PLL. Port AT8XC5122 is also the multiplexed low-order address and data bus AT8XC5122 accesses to external Program and Data Memory.

Port 0 has the AT8XC5122 configurations: Port 1 Description. Port 2 is also the multiplexed high-order address during accesses to external Program and Data Memory.

Port 2 has the following configurations: Push-pull output — Configuration 2: See Table Port 5 is an 8-bit keyboard port KB0 to KB7. Port 5 has the following configurations: This is possible because when the port AT8XC5122 a logic high, it is weakly driven, allowing an external device to pull the pin low. When the port outputs a logic low state, it is driven strongly and is able to sink a fairly large current. These features are somewhat similar to an open-drain output except that there are three pull-up AT8XC5122 in the quasi-bi-directional output that serve different purposes.

AT85C datasheet - C51 Microcontroller With 7-Endpoint Usb Controller,

One of these pull-ups, called AT8XC5122 weak pull-up, is turned on whenever the port latch for the pin contains a logic 1. The weak pull-up sources a very small current that will pull the pin high if it is left floating.


A second pull-up, called the medium pull-up, is AT8XC5122 on when the port latch for the pin contains a logic 1 and the pin itself is also at a logic AT8XC5122 level. This pull-up provides the primary source current for a quasi-bi-directional pin that is outputting a 1.

Atmel AT8xC5122

If a pin that has a logic 1 on it is pulled low by an external device, the medium pull-up turns off, and only the weak pull-up remains on. In order to pull AT8XC5122 pin low under these conditions, the external device has to sink enough current to overpower the medium pull-up and take the voltage on the port pin below its input threshold. The push-pull mode may be used AT8XC5122 more source current is needed from a port output. The Push-pull port configuration is shown in Figure This block is automatically disabled in power-down mode.

Do not set these bit.

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Card Presence Pull-up resistor Cleared to connect the internal K pull-up Set to disconnect the internal pull-up Reserved The value read from these bits are indeterminate. Port 5 Low Configuration bits AT8XC5122 from P5.

The component supplies the different voltages requested by the AT8XC5122 card. The power off sequence is directly managed by the SCIB.

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The card presence switch of the smart card connector is used to detect card insertion or card removal. The T80C is a high performance ROM/OTP version of the 80C51 8-bit microcontroller. The T80C retains all AT8XC5122 features of the standard.


80C51 with 8. The Atmel AT8xC is an 80C51 microcontroller for AT8XC5122 Keyboards with SmartCard Reader Multi-protocol Smart Card Interface, USB, UART, SPI, 46 I/O lines.


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