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He wished for Latin to be loved and learned as he lived it, as a torch passed down through the ages, to help light our way today. Inas Frederic Wheelock was dying at the end of 85 richly lived years, he recited Homer, Horace, and Emily Dickinson. He, like the ancients, leaves a legacy of the love of learning and a belief that we stand on the AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF of the ancients.

He would be delighted to know that there are still active and eager students participating in the excitement and enjoyment of AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF beloved Latin. The question may rightly be asked, and a justification is in order. It is notorious that every year increasing numbers of students enter college without Latin; and consequently they have to begin the language in college, usually as an elective, if they are to have any Latin at all.


Though some college beginners do manage to continue their study of Latin for two AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF three years, a surprising number have to be satisfied with only one year of the subject. Among these, three groups predominate: Romance language majors, English majors, and students who have been convinced of the cultural and the practical value of even a little Latin.


On the other hand, in the classical spirit of moderation, we should avoid the opposite extreme of a beginners' book so advanced and so severe that it is likely to break the spirit of even mature students in its attempt to cover practically everything in Latin. Accordingly, the writer has striven to produce a beginners' book which is mature, humanistic, challenging, and instructive, and which, at the same time, is reasonable in its demands. Certainly it is not claimed that Latin can be made easy and effortless. However, the writer's experience with these 0] have even had AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF about my lessons from graduate students who suddenly discovered that they needed some Latin and wanled to study it by themselves-much as Ilaughl myself Spanish from E.

Such instances really constitute a fourth group.

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The goal, then, has been a book which provides both the roots and at least some literary fruits of a sound Latin experience for those who will have only one year of Latin in their entire educatiOllill career, and a book which at the same time provides adequate introduction and encouragement for those who plan to continue their studies in the field. The distinctive methods and devices employed in this book in order to attain this goal are here listed with commentary. With this conviction the writer perused a number of likely ancient works,' excerpting sentences and passages which could constitute material for the AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF beginners' book.

A prime desideratum was that the material be interesting per se and not chosen merely AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF it illustrated forms and syntax. These extensive excerpts provided a good cross section of Latin literature on which to base the choice of the forms, the syntax, and the vocabulary to be presented in the book.

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Experience has shown that the work of the formal chapters can be covered in about three-quarters of an academic year, and that the remaining quarter can be had free and clear for the crowning experience of the year-the experience of reading additional real Latin passages from ancient authors,' passages which cover a wide rdnge of interesting topics such as love, biography, philosophy, religion, morality. These basic exercises, then, are derived from 2 Caesar's works were studiously avoided because of the view that Cuesar's tradi- tional place in the curriculum AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF the first two years is infelicitous.

Calciomercato LIVE: gli acquisti e le trattative del 21 gennaio

P,e ace xv Latin literature'; they are not "made" or "synthetic" Latin. In fact, by the nature of their content they constitute something of an introduction to Roman experience and thought; they are not mere inane collections of words put together simply to illustrate vocabulary, forms, and rules-though they are intended to do this too.

Each entry includes: The full vocabulary entry must be memorized for each AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF in progressing from chapter to chapter, students will find it helpful to keep a running vocabulary list in their notebooks or a computer file, or to use vocabulary cards with the Latin on one side, and the rest of the entry on the other. With an eye to the proverb repetitio mliter memoriae. These glosses are generally less complete than the regular vocllbulary entries lind are even more abbreviated in the Illter chllpters than in the earlier ones, but they should provide sufficient informlltion for translating the text at hllnd; for words whose meanings can be easily deduced from English derivatives, the English is usually not provided.

The instructor's requirements regarding these vocabulary items may vllry, but in generul students should be expected to have at least a "passive" mastery of the words, i. Such editing most commonly involves unimportant omissions, a slight simplification of the word order. SYNTAX Allhough the above-mentioned corpus of excerpts constituted the logical guide to the syntactical categories which should be introduced into the book, common sense dictated the mean between too little and too much, as stated above. The categories which have been introduced should prove adequate for the reading of the mature passages of LOCI Antiqui and also provide a firm foundation for those who wish to continue their study of Latin beyond the first year.

In fact, with the skill acquired in handling this mature Latin and with a knowledge of the supplementary syntax provided in the Appendix, a student can skip the traditional second-year course in Caesar and proceed directly to the third-year course in Cicero and other authors. The syntax has been explained in as simple and unpedantic a manner as possible, and each category has been made concrete by a large number of examples. Finally, in light of the sad experience that even English majors in college may have an inadequate knowledge of grammar, explanlltions of most grammlltical terms have been added, usually with benefit of etymology; and these explanations have not been relegated to some generul summarizing section the kind that students usulllly avoid!

However, the general practice in this text has been to 1Iiternate lessons containing noun or adjective forms with lessons containing verb forms. This should help reduce the ennui which resulls from too much of one thing at a time. The slime consideration prompted the postponement of the locative Cllse, adverbs, lind most irregular verbs to the latter part of the book, where they could provide temporary respite from subjunctives and other heavy syntax. Considerable effort has been made Lo place paradigms of more or less similar forms side by side for easy ocular cross reference in the slime lesson' lind also, as a rule, to have new forms follow fllmiliar related ones in natural sequence as when lIdjectives of the third declension follow the j-stem nouns.

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The rate at which the syntax and AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF forms can be absorbed will obviously depend on the nature and the cllliber of the class; the instructor will have to adjust the assignments to the situation. Though each chapter forms a logiclll unit, it has been found that lit least two assignments have to be allotted to many of the longer chllpters: Preface xvii the paradigms, the vocabularies, the Pmctice and Review. Both these llssignments are in themselves natural units, llnd Ihis double approach contllins Ihe obvious gain of repetition. If the author of a textbook can start with a predetermined sequence of vocabulary and syntax, for example, and is free to compose sentences based thereon, then it should be a fairly simple matter to make the sentences of succeeding lessons repeat the items of the previous AKA Auriga Color Pro15 CF lessons, especially if the intellectual content of the sentences is not a prime concern.

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