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The vessel was filled with 75 kg. The structure was then refined by the block-diagonal least-squares approximation.

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Employing isotropic temperature factors for each atom, the R value was 0. Subsequent anisotropic refinement gave an R of 0. Further refinement, taking into account the a n o m a l o u s dispersion of silver and AGFEO KG AS 181 atoms, gave a final R of 0. The final positional and thermal parameters, and the comparison of the observed and calculated structure factors are listed in Tables 2 and 3.


Table 2. Positional and thermal parameters for 6-AgFeO2 Values in parentheses are standard deviations.

The thermal parameters refer to the expression: From symmetry considerations, Position Ag 2c Fe 2a o 4f x? The crystal used for the measurements was a plate of approximately 70 in diameter and 5 in thickness.

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Altogether crystallographically independent reflexions were collected. No absorption or extinction corrections were applied.

After Lorentz and AGFEO KG AS 181 corrections were applied, the intensities were put on a c o m m o n scale using the equivalent reflexions on different layers. The scattering factors for 0 2 - were that of T o k o n a m i The interatomic distances and angles are listed in Table 4. Table 3. We put them on 2 csince the two special positions are equivalent at a first choice. Approximate coordinates of the other atoms were obtained from a three-dimensional Fourier m a p using the phases based on the parameters of the silver atoms.

The ferric ions and oxygen atoms were found to be on 2 a and 4 f respec tively. These observations may suggest the existence of complex ions, AGO2 3- in the structure.

The unit cell of 5-AgFeO2 may be considered as consisting of two AGFEO KG AS 181 sub-units, which are related to each other by the twofold screw axis parallel to the e axis. Each subunit contains one formula unit of AgFeO2. The dimensions of the sub-unit are 3. Ag, Cu, MU: Fe, Cr with the space group R3m. Fe The silver atom is linearly coordinated by two oxygen atoms along the c axis with the Ag-O distance of 2. The ferric ion, on the other hand, is coordinated by six oxygen atoms with a slightly distorted octahedral arrangement. The Fe-O distance is 2. Each octahedron shares edges with the adjacent six octahedra forming a hexagonal layer of octahedra, as shown in Fig.

Each oxygen atom is, in turn, surrounded tetrahedrally by one silver and three iron atoms. The hexagonal layer of octahedra can be looked upon as an oxygen double layer containing relatively small ferric ions in it.

From this point of view, the crystal structure of 5-AgFeO2 can be described as consisting of silver layers sandwiched with oxygen double layers. The silver layer is a mirror plane of the structure.


The spacing between the silver and oxygen layers is equal to the linear Ag-O distance of 2. The O-O distance AGFEO KG AS 181 the same oxygen layer is equal to the length of the a axis, 3.

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The former corresponds to the octahedron edges not AGFEO KG AS 181, and the latter to those shared by the adjacent octahedra. These O-O distances fall within the normal range usually found in similar oxygen frameworks Pauling, The Ag-O distance of 2. In these crystals the silver atoms are also linearly coordinated by two oxygen atoms. According to Paulingsilver as well as copper atoms may form two covalent bonds of the sp type with oxygen atoms.

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Hence, the Ag-O distance of 2. Official AGFEO GmbH & Co. KG AS Free Driver Download for Windows 7, Vista - . World's most popular driver. Official AGFEO GmbH & Co. KG AS Free Driver Download - . World's most popular driver download.

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