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You'll need to restart. Other than that, Dell provides a pretty vanilla experience.


The Dell SupportAssist app is where you can go to update drivers and firmware, and I recommend checking this periodically, even though it will automatically tell you when you have an update. There's also a Dropbox promotion app, which offers you some free Dropbox storage if you sign up. It's a Store app, which means that you can uninstall it with just a few clicks, just like the junk that Microsoft itself piles onto Windows 10 installations, like Candy Crush Soda Saga. Battery life Dell quotes the Inspiron 13 's 38WHr battery as supporting eight and a half hours of usage.

I found this to be Acard v7373 close to accurate, or at least much more accurate than other devices' quotes.

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Most companies test their devices under optimal conditions, so the results don't reflect real life. On a good day, depending on how you use it, Acard v7373 can definitely get eight hours out of the Inspiron. Don't throw away your power cable at work yet though; if you use it for heavier use cases, you'll Acard v7373 more like six hours. There are two different charging solutions: USB Type-C and a legacy port. The device comes with the legacy cable, although I tend to use Type-C, since the vast majority of my laptops actually, it's all of my non-Surface laptops use the same charger.

The legacy option is nice though, as many consumers, and especially businesses, might have old chargers lying around that Acard v7373 don't want to go to waste. Performance The new Dell Inspiron series comes with Intel's eighth-generation U-series processors. If you haven't heard by now, those are quad-core, offering a significant performance boost over the dual-core processors of last generation.

Intel still hasn't announced a whole lot of SKUs of its new chips - there are only two i5 models and two i7 models. This one uses Acard v7373 iU, the lower end of the Acard v7373. I found performance to be quite impressive. I never even noticed a difference, even with a dozen Chrome tabs open.


For benchmarks, I used PCMark 8, which provides three tests: Home, Creative, and Work. First up is Home, which tests tasks like casual gaming, photo editing, video chat, and so on. Next up is the Creative test, which checks things like advanced video Acard v7373, advanced gaming, and more.

The Inspiron 13 also performed quite will on the Creative test. Finally, Work tests productivity-related tasks, like writing, spreadsheets, and video chatting.

Technical Details

I was surprised to see that it didn't do quite as well on the Work test, but overall, the device did quite well. Of course, if you want a bit more juice than you see here, there's an i7 model as well. Form factors Dell's Inspiron series is offered in both laptop and convertible form factors, and this Acard v7373 is a convertible, meaning that you can fold the display back to degrees. This means that you can use it in a variety of ways.

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The most obvious is that it can be used like a laptop, by keeping the display at around 90 degrees. This is how I use it the vast majority of the time, but by folding the screen all of the way back, you can use it Acard v7373 a tablet.


On Windows, I find the tablet experience to Acard v7373 most useful for taking handwritten notes in OneNote, but since it has pen support, there's quite a bit that you can do with it. And of course, you can do anything in between. You can prop the device in tent mode, which is great for watching movies or doing presentations.

You can also achieve the Acard v7373 effect by placing the keyboard face-down and folding the display up. As I mentioned earlier, the speakers are located on the bottom of the device, so depending on the form factor that you choose, you will experience better audio quality. For example, in Acard v7373 and tent modes, the speakers are actually facing toward you, unlike in laptop mode. The new machine provides a tremendous amount of value for the price.

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It offers a sleek design, powerful performance, and a versatile form Acard v7373. To provide that price tag, it does miss out on some bells and whistles, such as including a pen, or a higher resolution display. Still, just having pen support is great, and you can always pick one up at a later date, or shop around Acard v7373 a better-priced option than Dell's pen. Most of the time when I see a new PC at this price range, there's something about it that makes it feel cheap, whether it's a thick and heavy body, a low-resolution screen, a poor keyboard, or something else.

That's really not the case here. The Inspiron 13 series is a real winner, and it provides a lot of value. Australia Excludes: There are 1 items available. Recombinant CD63 Antibody / LAMP-3 [clone LAMP3/R] (V) research use only. Review this product on BioCompare and get a $20 Amazon gift card. Contemporary design bath vanity wall fixture. White Acard v7373 glass diffuses the light for a soft glow and reduces harsh shadows. Medium base socket.

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