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Information in this guide has been carefully checked for reliability; however, no guarantee is given as to the correctness of the contents.

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This Quick Start Guide describes the steps for installing and setting up your new Motherboard. This guide is designed for all users to provide the basic steps of Motherboard setting and operation. Introduction Unpacking When unpacking the Motherboard, check for the following items: Before handling the Motherboard, ground yourself by grasping an unpainted portion Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA the system's metal Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA.

Remove the Motherboard from its anti-static packaging. Hold it by the edges and avoid touching its components. Check the Motherboard for damage. If any chip appears loose, press carefully to seat it firmly in its Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA. Follow the directions in this section designed to guide you through a quick and correct installation of your new SY-6IBM Motherboard. Printer, Plotter, and Modem optional Internal Peripherals: Modem and LAN cards optional Notice: This Motherboard features one built-in VGA port and three built-in audio-stereo ports. Therefore you do not need to install neither a VGA card nor a sound card.

Soyo SY-6IBM i440BX microATX Rage 128VR

If you want to use an Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA speaker connected to "Line-out" port, please make sure to use an "amplified speaker" that can generate proper output sound volume. To mount the processor that you have purchased separately, follow these instructions. Open the two sides by folding them up. Push the locks on top of the CPU inward.


Insert the CPU into the retention module. Now your CPU is ready for use.

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Now press the two slides on the retention Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA down and remove the CPU. Installing a heat sink and cooling fan on top of your CPU is necessary for proper heat dissipation. Failing to install these items may result in overheating and possible burn-out of your CPU. Make Connections to the Motherboard This section tells how to connect internal peripherals Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA power supply to the Motherboard.

To turn off the system, please press this switch and hold down for longer than 4 seconds. Hardware Installation 7 8 Hardware Installation Step Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA. It is of prime importance that you install DIMM modules as outlined in the table above in order to preserve signal integrity on 00MHz front side bus systems.


The specification of maximum AGP bus Clock frequency is Hardware Installation Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA 6. To avoid being unable to power up the system due to of forgetting the Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA, you can place a jumper cap to short JP8. This will always enable the Power Button. In addition to through this button, the system can also enter the suspend mode through your OS.


This jumper can be easily identified by its white colored cap. Due to the over-clocking setting your system may fail to boot up or hang during run time. If this occurs, please perform the following steps to recover your system from the abnormal situation:. Turn off system power If you use a ATX power supply, sometimes you have to press the power button for Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA then 4 seconds to shut down the system 2.

Soyo SY-6IBM iBX microATX Rage VR A Yamaha YMF chip handles PCI sound duties and completes the fully integrated setup. Nov Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA, - Free Download Soyo SY-6IBM YAMAHA sound driver 9x (Sound Based Micro ATX mainboard with ATI AGP VGA and Yamaha Audio.

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