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Introduction Updated August 23, Corrected command and added more details.

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Belkin F6C500-SER-SBDHgate Service Pledge

Updated March 29, Added note about remote CPUS printers, and reflection on using this laptop. Updated July 10, More details and corrections. Updated August 27, Notes from an email someone sent me. After 3 weeks of using this system after going through the setup described below, I'm overall fairly satisfied with the performance of this laptop with Ubuntu it's MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch and has lots of RAMbut there are still a few things I haven't bothered to get completely working, such as the microphone and webcam.


I may just opt for getting a USB camera. I still have one minor issue with being MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch to switch between using Ethernet and WiFi without rebooting, but I have a suspicion that it may be an Ubuntu bug. As long as an Ethernet cable is not plugged in at boot time, WiFi will work flawlessly. The process wasn't too difficult, but there were a few snags along the way and I wanted to share the process that worked for me: Step 1 By default, this notebook comes with windows You should make a backup of the install disks in case you want to go back to windows 10 or need to roll back for some other reason.

[ubuntu] Ubuntu on MSi Gaming Laptop

After all, you already paid for a copy of windows I also disabled secure boot. I'm not sure if that was necessary, but I did it anyway.

Step 3 Change the boot ordering so it will only try to boot from the install disk that we're inserting. Step 4 Make sure an Ethernet cable is plugged in, as we're going to want the network configuration in the installer to be able to set up a working network connection for later.

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Step 5 At first, I tried installing the desktop version of Ubuntu 16, but this would only take me as far as the loading MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch to the point before the installation menu appeared. I was never able to get to a shell prompt. I believe what's happening here is that the Ubuntu installer is trying to use an open source video driver that is not compatible with the GTXM video card. Unfortunately this locks up the installer instead of at least giving a shell prompt.

MSI GP62 Disassembly and RAM, HDD, SSD upgrade guide -

Instead of trying to install the desktop version, burn a DVD to install the server version of Ubuntu This will avoid trying to load the bad video driver during the install, and we can replace the driver through the shell prompt which turns out to be as easy as 1 command. In my case, I used the ISO 'ubuntu Burn a copy of this ISO, and you should be able to MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch through the installation process easily. Step 6 After the install, don't forget to change the boot order to boot from the hard drive.

Step 7 Now reboot and log into the shell prompt. This is the part where you need your networking to be set up properly which hopefully happened during the install process.

Run these commands the last one will download a lot and take a very long time: Step 8 If you try logging into this login prompt, you'll get 'Failed to MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch session'. This will present you with a login for a shell prompt. Once you're logged into the shell prompt, enter this command: After you're done, reboot and you should be able to log into a regular Ubuntu 16 desktop environment. This should put you in a position to do whatever you would have with a typical desktop install.

Loud Speaker Popping On Shutdown A really awful problem I encountered at this point was a loud 'popping' sound coming from the internal speaker whenever I shut down or restart the computer. I found an option in the 'alsamixer' control that allowed me to change the 'auto-mute' option to disabled which made the popping go away, but whenever this was enabled it also made sounds play from the internal speaker whenever the headphones were plugged in.


I tried many things to fix MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch, but eventually discovered a program called 'hdajackretask' which can be downloaded with sudo apt-get install alsa-tools-gui After launching this program, I overrode any of the internal speakers or SPDIF to be 'not connected'. You'll also need to install a boot override: Free Download MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch Driver for Windows bit (Other Drivers & Tools).

MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows bit, MSI GP72 2QD Leopard Radio Switch Driver for.

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