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The camera can be installed as a standalone system Conceptronic CNETCAM2 IP Camera your application environment easily and quickly, and supports remote management function so that you can access and control it using a Web browser on your PC. This Advanced Installation Guide provides you with the instructions and illustrations on how to use your camera, which includes: Chapter 1 Introduction to Your Camera describes the features of the camera. You will also know the components and functions of the camera. Chapter 2 Hardware Installation helps you install the camera according to your application environment.

Conceptronic. CNETCAM2 & C54NETCAM2 Network Camera - PDF

You can use this camera at home, at work, at any where you want. Chapter 3 Accessing the Camera lets you start using your camera without problem. The camera can be set up easily and work within your network environment instantly. Chapter 4 Configuring the Camera guides you through the configuration of the camera using the web browser Conceptronic CNETCAM2 IP Camera your Conceptronic CNETCAM2 IP Camera. Chapter 5 Appendix provides the specification of the camera and some useful information for using your camera. The illustrations and configuration values in this guide are for reference only. Once any item contained is damaged or missing, contact the authorized dealer of your locale 5 1. LAN network connection port RJ Power supply connector 5V DC, 2.

Connector for camera stand. Enable motion detection and setup automated alerts and upload FTP for security. Remote Control Supported By using a standard Web browser or the bundled Ultra View software application, the administrator can easily change the configuration of the camera via Intranet or Internet. In addition, the camera can be upgraded remotely when a new firmware is available.

The users are also allowed to monitor the image and take snapshots via the network. Therefore, you can use the camera in a mixed operating system environment, such as Windows and Windows XP.


Multiple Applications Supported Through the remote access technology, Conceptronic CNETCAM2 IP Camera can use the cameras to monitor various objects and places for your own purposes. For example, babies at home, patients in the hospital, offices and banks, and more.

The camera can capture both still images and video clips, so that you can keep the archives and restore them at any time 8 1. Accessing the Camera using Web Browser Platform: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Intel Pentium 4 1.

Conceptronic CNETCAM2 Quick Installation Manual Page 27

Intel Pentium 4 2. Intel Pentium 4 3.

When the camera stand is attached, you can place the camera anywhere by mounting the camera through the three screw holes located in the base of the camera stand. The Camera Stand - 8 - 10 2. When you connect the AC power adapter, the camera is powered on automatically. You can verify the power status from the Power LED on the front panel of the camera. Once connected, the Link LED starts flashing green light and the camera is on standby and ready Conceptronic CNETCAM2 IP Camera use now. If you use a wireless network in your application environment, you need to attach the included external antenna to the camera.

  • Conceptronic CNETCAM2 Quick Installation Manual (Page 27 of )
  • Conceptronic CIPCAMPTIWL User Manual (Page 6 of 27)
  • Conceptronic CNETCAM2 Manuals
  • Conceptronic. CNETCAM2 & C54NETCAM2 Network Camera
  • Connecting to your Conceptronic IP camera*

When the camera is powered on, the camera will automatically search any access point with default SSID. Monitor local and remote places and objects via Internet or Intranet.


Capture still images and video clips remotely. Upload images or send messages with the still images attached. The following diagram explains one of the typical applications for your camera and provides a basic example for installing the camera.

128MB DDR ATI Radeon 9700 with TV-Out Secondary
ASUS X552WA (E2-6110) Realtek LAN
Aztech MDP3858V-U

Click the IP Finder item to launch the utility. The control panel will appear as below. Click Search to find the Conceptronic CNETCAM2 IP Camera address of the connected camera s. Click Exit to close the utility. Once you get the IP address of the camera, launch the Web browser or Ultra View to access your camera 13 3. Open the Web browser on your computer for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer in this guide 2.

Conceptronic CNETCAM2 Manuals

After you login into the Web Configuration of the camera, the main page will appear as below: In the main menu, you can select the following options:Thank you for purchasing the Conceptronic Network Camera, a powerful and high-quality image wireless network camera. The camera can be installed as a. Connecting to your Conceptronic IP camera*. Conceptronic CNETCAM2 IP Camera

JPEG, http:// ?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD], No, None. cnetcam2, JPEG, http.

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