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There's no set-up needed — simply touch a compatible mobile device against the NEX-5T and a wireless connection is made instantly. Otherwise the NEX-5T is identical to its predecessor, featuring a The magnesium bodied NEX-5T can also capture fast-moving action at 10fps at Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera resolution, shoot Full HD xp video as high-quality AVCHD files, and is supplied with a compact clip-on flash that attaches via an accessory terminal. The NEX-5T's rectangular body shape and blocky grip is less immediately appealing than the retro finesse of an Olympus Pen or modernist curves of the Panasonic G series.

Sony Alpha NEX-5T: Digital Photography Review

With the supplied mmm power zoom kit lens attached the NEX-5T looks and feels less top heavy than the NEX-5R, which shipped with a bigger, bulkier mm optic. The NEX-5T does undoubtedly feel solid when gripped in Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera palm, and with the new kit lens attached it just about fits into most jacket pockets. Note that fitting the clip-on flash prevents the LCD from being tilted fully forwards. Sony has also included High Definition video shooting at Full HD p at 60fps with stereo sound with the welcome Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera to control shutter speed, aperture and exposure compensation during recording.

It also features a useful dedicated Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera camcorder-style video record button for instant thumb-operated video access, while Tracking Focus allows a target object to be selected via the touchscreen LCD, even when the subject is moving, for both stills and video. The NEX-5T isn't quite the world's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera, but at g and Low light sensitivity without flash also theoretically looks set to show rivals a thing or two by Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera from ISO to a maximum ISO equivalent setting.

Impressive stuff, and matching the sort of spec we're used to seeing on mid-range DSLRs. The main strength of the Sony E mm f3. Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera Rear The NEX-5T is turned on or off via a thumb-flick of a chunky, nicely rigid switch which surrounds the shutter release, rather than via the recessed button we usually find on cameras with a smaller form factor. The thumb-operated control dial that's partially recessed into the top of the NEX-5T makes it easy to change key values like aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and menu Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera, and marks a major improvement on the design of the older 5N model.

Innovation from every angle

The top plate looks similarly functional rather than fashionable. Press Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera and the user is instantly recording video, whatever alternative shooting mode might previously have been in use; like the same control found on latter Panasonic G-series and Olympus PEN cameras, this proves essential with regard to spur of the moment filming. Incidentally, should you already have a lens attached, screwing the flash into position proves a tad fiddly, as there's not much room to fit your fingers between the curve of the lens barrel - which stands slightly proud of the top and base of the camera Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera and the front of the flash, which features a small tightening nut via which it is secured in place.

The Fast Hybrid AF combines phase- and contrast-detection autofocus methods and is definitely a little snappier and more accurate than the conventional contrast-detection system used by the NEX-5N, but note that it's currently only supported by a few lenses.

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Do so, and in single Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera mode to the sound of a satisfyingly brief shutter click thanks to a release time lag of just 0. Front Top As you'd expect in this price bracket, there is the option to also shoot Raw files, or even more usefully for those who wish to hedge their bets Raw and JPEG images in tandem. These settings are accessed within the Image Size folder and are found within the Quality sub folder. Not everything on the NEX-5T is located exactly where you might expect it to be found.

For example ISO settings are discovered within a Brightness menu option that from the look of the icon that denotes it initially appears to be for adjusting screen brightness only.

Sony Alpha NEX-5T

One would reasonably expect ISO adjustment to be found within the Camera folder with the other key shooting options. And so there's a fair amount of familiarisation with the NEX-5T's quirks required up front.

Shoot mode gets its own virtual dial though - so Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera least selecting the options here, including standard P,A,S,M, 9-strong scene mode, Anti Motion Blur, Intelligent Auto and Sweep Panorama, prove easier. Even in intelligent auto mode users still have the ability to get hands on to a degree by controlling background defocus, with a half moon shaped indicator appealing on-screen to the side of the scroll wheel, defocus at the bottom of the arc, 'crisp' at the top.

The NEX-5T's external backplate is a similarly pared-down affair, the majority of it taken up by the 3-inch widescreen ratio angle-adjustable LCD that stretches from base to top plate. You can interact with the camera via onscreen icons and menus by touching the screen, and also set the focus point, handy for off-centre shooting and tracking moving subjects. You can now also fire the shutter as on many rival cameras. Thankfully you don't have to use the touchscreen at all if you prefer a more conventional approach, as you can still use the external Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera to fully operate the camera you can even turn off the touchscreen altogether if you prefer.

Pop-up Flash Tilting LCD Screen To the right of the screen is a trio of controls - the top and bottom buttons unmarked until the screen is activated, at which point their purpose is detailed alongside it.


The top-most control is revealed as the 'menu' button, a press of which brings up the shooting icons - seven in total - the contents of we've already briefly touched on. The user moves through these options and makes selections either via the scroll wheel just Sony NEX-5T Digital Camera the menu button, which has its own central and again unmarked set button, or the new touchscreen interface. The black Sony Alpha NEX-5T Mirrorless Digital Camera with mm Lens is a versatile and compact mirrorless camera that features a megapixel.

: Sony NEX-5T Mirrorless Digital Camera - Body Only: Point And Shoot Digital Cameras: Camera & Photo.

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