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Industry and Public Utilities Industrial networking has its own unique set of requirements, demanding products and solutions that ensure reliable, fail-safe operation. An industrial environment requires the highest reliability while facing unique challenges: EMI and Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN interference, contaminants and long cable runs. Military, manufacturing and utility organizations often require solutions that can withstand high and low temperatures, vibration and other challenging environmental conditions. Many utilities and municipalities also are investing in technology to deliver backbone services over their fiber.

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Allied Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN offers a range of solutions that meet these requirements, based on fiber, copper and wireless technologies. Our managed switches can be configured to take a recovery action if a connection is lost, as well as alert you to the problem.

Our media converters are critical components in a network, carrying data between sites or over long distances. Most of our media converters can be deployed with hotswappable power supplies to ensure maximum uptime for your network.

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The iMAP and iMG product lines, in particular, have been hardened and are temperature-sensitive due to the stringent NEBS requirements of many of our service provider customers. These products, plus hardened media converters and other switches, are well-suited to the industrial and utility markets.

Data Center Communications in data centers today are most-often based on networks running the IP protocol suite. Data centers contain a set of routers and switches that transport traffic between the servers and to the outside world.

Redundancy of the Internet connection is often provided by using two or more upstream service providers. Allied Telesis is Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN positioned for the mini and small data center. We are the only network Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN that provides a solution from Network Interface Cards NICs to aggregation products. Through our unique NIC products, we support virtualization which has become the most important technology and trend for the data center.

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Allied Telesis solutions also are ideal in facilitating the management of highways, motorways and toll roads. Allied Telesis solutions are well suited to support the implementation of electronic Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN, live video feeds, centralized traffic signal control, vehicle counting systems, ramp monitoring systems and driving conditions.

Proper implementation of these traffic control and monitoring systems will result in reduced traffic congestion, lower accident rates, reduced pollution and faster emergency response times. Our products support a unique mix of copper and fiber interfaces of all speeds from 10Mbps Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN 10Gbps. With scalability, the network can grow as the business of our customers grows. Software and hardware features provide highest availability.

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Transportation Transportation network systems from Allied Telesis provide high-bandwidth real-time communication with moving vehicles, broadband access to passengers, video security of public vehicles, facilities and infrastructure, as well as monitoring of environmental conditions and traffic control. Our compatibility with credit card authorization allows implementation of remote ticket machines, in parking facilities as well as train and bus stations. IP Triple Play Competitive carriers can differentiate themselves by deploying IP Triple Play services that provide voice, video and data via one access line, together with deployment of fiber optics for the infrastructure. Together, they make Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN compelling combination.

By meeting a growing demand from business and residential tenants for bundled voice, video and data services, you can profitably compete with incumbent telephone and cable operators to offer services in your multi-dwelling or multi-tenant units. Rather than relying on routers or equipment back in the network to perform multicast and video control, Allied Telesis incorporates IP Triple Play functionality into the software residing on our Layer 2 and 3 switches, iMAP integrated Multiservice Access Platforms, and iMG intelligent Multiservice Gateways. Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN a result, Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN Telesis became the first platform commercially deployed for IPTV service, and today has hundreds of service providers worldwide providing IP Triple Play services to more than a quarter million subscribers.

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This experience and expertise is applied to delivering the highest-quality IP video security, medical imaging PACS and over-thetop streaming video to government, education, healthcare and many other industries around the world. Allied Telesis offers services and support programs to protect your Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN infrastructure investment.


These services are designed to enhance the coverage offered by Allied Telesis warranties. Take advantage of our advanced performance and functionality to build secure, reliable IoT and SDN-ready networks. Allied Telesis Net. The End User may designate a technical contact from another company if required. Please complete the following details with the End User Allied Telesis AT-2812FX LAN using International English.

The package provides the installation files for Allied Telesis ATFX LAN Driver In order to manually update your driver, follow the. The ATFX (FX/SC 34mm fiber ExpressCard) Network Interface Card is The single-piece, integrated design of the ATFX endures frequent use with Continuous Power over Ethernet (CPoE) guarantees uninterrupted power.

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