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Again, rapid visualization of the tumor within 30 min post-injection was observed. The significant difference in tumor uptake might be attributed to the differences in the conjugation efficiency and the nature of the fluorophore. Owing Magic Pro MP-915G II its rapid accumulation into the tumor and the high tumor to background ratios that could be achieved, this optical probe holds promise for use in image-guided surgery.


Imaging of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 The human epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 HER-2 or CD is another member of the HER-kinase family that is overexpressed in various tumor types such as breast, ovarian, prostatic, and colorectal cancer [ 798384 ]. HER-2 is Magic Pro MP-915G II transmembrane glycoprotein consisting of three domains: The generation of a large number of anti-HER-2 nanobodies for non-invasive imaging of HER-2 expression was reported by Vaneycken et al.

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The authors could identify 38 different nanobodies that could target HER-2 expression, out of which the nanobody 2Rs15dHis6 was selected as lead compound for further development as a clinical molecular imaging agent. The nanobody was radiolabeled with 99mTc adopting the procedure described earlier in the review. SPECT imaging and biodistribution studies showed high uptake of 99mTc-labeled 2Rs15dHis6 in HER-2 positive tumors, fast blood clearance, low accumulation in non-target organs except Magic Pro MP-915G II which are responsible for tracer clearanceand high concomitant tumor-to-blood and tumor-to-muscle ratios at 1 h post-injection Figure 3 A. The hexahistidine tag from the lead compound reported earlier [ 59 ] was removed in order to reduce the risk of immunogenicity and the non-tagged format was produced.

The nanobody could be radiolabeled with 68Ga after conjugation with the bifunctional chelator, p-isothiocyanatobenzyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane-1,4,7-triacetic acid p-SCN-Bz-NOTA. On the basis of mouse toxicity and dosimetry studies, the radiotracer was found to be safe and the authors claimed that 68Ga-NOTA-2Rs15d was ready for first-in-human clinical trials. Images were acquired at 1 h after injection. Adapted from [ 81 ]. Click on the image to enlarge.

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The residualizing agent contains multiple negatively charged D-amino acids and is effective in enhancing the retention of radioactivity in tumor cells after receptor mediated internalization of the radiolabeled nanobody. Under the guidance of the real-time fluorescent images obtained from the camera using 11A4-IR probe, surgical resection of a HERpositive xenograft from a mouse could be demonstrated. Both tumor and kidney were clearly visible through the skin during the operation. This was the first study where image-guided surgery was successfully carried out using nanobody-based optical imaging probe. Further development of this method would help in precise and rapid identification of HER-2 positive tumors, allow assessment of response to HER-2 therapies and might assist in image-guided surgeries if required. The Magic Pro MP-915G II clinical trial with a nanobody-based molecular imaging tracer targeting HER-2 is currently ongoing EudraCT and the results are yet to be reported [ 33 ].

Imaging of the hepatocyte growth factor Hepatocyte growth factor HGFalso known as scatter factor, is a paracrine cellular growth, motility and morphogenic factor [ 86 ]. Secreted by mesenchymal cells as a single-chain inactive polypeptide, HGF acts as a multifunctional cytokine on cells of mainly epithelial and endothelial origin, as well as on hematopoietic progenitor cells. HGF is the only known ligand for c-Met, a membrane receptor that is essential for embryonic development and is expressed on the epithelial cells of many organs such as liver, prostate, pancreas, muscle, kidney, and bone marrow [ 87 ]. In tumor cells, c-Met activation triggers diverse series of signaling cascades resulting in cell growth, proliferation, invasion, metastasis, and escape from apoptosis [ 86 - 88 ].

Elevated levels of HGF and c-Met have been observed in most solid tumors and are associated with increased aggressiveness of tumors and poor prognostic outcome of cancer patients [ 86 - 88 ].

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Two nanobodies 1E2 and 6E10 were Magic Pro MP-915G II molecularly fused to albumin-binding units Alb8 to obtain serum half-life extension, conjugated with Df-Bz-NCS chelator and radiolabeled with 89Zr, with the goals of preventing the binding of HGF to c-Met receptor and assess the use of these novel tracers in cancer diagnosis and therapy [ 5689 ]. Figure 3 Nanobody-based imaging of HER-2 expression.

Tumors are indicated with red arrow and kidneys with green arrow. Adapted from [ 415359 ]. In this study, the therapeutic potential of these nanobodies was also evaluated in the same animal model [ 56 ].

Magic Pro MP-915G II All the mice treated with the nanobodies exhibited delayed tumor growth when compared with the control group that was injected with saline, and no toxicity to normal organs was observed. Experts in Magic-Pro Motherboard compatible upgrades. Free delivery Select your Magic-Pro below or use the Search Bar. Not sure MPG II · MPP.

Nanobody: The “Magic Bullet” for Molecular Imaging?

Use the list below to find the correct Magic Pro Windows Video / Graphics driver. Magic Pro Video / Graphics Driver Update Utility. MPG II Driver (2).

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