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They lived principally on the Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 of the Vistula t, and along the southern coast of the Baltic, which doubtless received from them the name of Venedian Gulf. This brought them, for the first time, to the Adriatic; an event which I shall have occasion to mention more fully Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800. The encouragement given them by the Caesars, to settle within the Imperial territory, spread the Slavonians over many of the Byzantine provinces; from enemies, they became allies; and their conquests over the Avars led to their establishment in Slavonia, Rascia, Croatia, Servia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Dalmatia.

It is with this portion of the Slavonians that the subject of Dalmatia is connected; but it may not be altogether out of Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 to mention the northern division of this numerous race, interesting as it is from the advanced state of civilisation, to which it attained at an early period, and from the melancholy fate that awaited it at the hands of its German neighbours. Many towns were built by them on the shores of the Baltic, of which Arcona on the Isle of Riigen was one of the most noted; and Vineta, at the mouth of the Oder, became the greatest emporium of its day.

This attempt at spoliation was carried out more fully by the Saxons; the lands were divided among the bishops and nobles; the people were reduced to bondage; and the name of Slav has been retained, with various modifications, to the present day, to denote the condition of a Slave. Nor have their descendants been freed from the state of oppression, to which they were doomed at so early a period; and though history has shown how capable they have been of changing the ploughshare for the sword, and how gallantly they have shared in the wars of Europe, nearly all the Slavonic tribes have been for ages under the yoke of foreign rulers.

Obliged by an overgrown population, or from the inroads of invading tribes, to quit their country, or preferring aggressive warfare to industrious pursuits, they overran the Greek provinces of the empire, into which, as early as the yearthey had made destructive inroads. We find them at one time threatening Constantinople; at another taken into pay by the emperors; and again invading the empire in the reign of the Second Tiberius, during the war with Persia.

This led to their subjugation by the Avars, at the instigation of the Byzantine court; after which they are found, inserving under the banners of their masters in Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 attack on Constantinople. The provinces of the emperor were ravaged, his ambassadors insulted, and his confidence mocked by the basest perfidy; till at length the insolence of the Avars, and the grasping ambition of their Khan, exhausted the patience of the Byzantine court. The Slavonians suffered every kind of indignity at home, and in battle their lives were " exposed to the first assault," that the swords of the enemy might be " blunted, before they encountered the native valour of the Avars. Availing itself of so favourable an opportunity of ridding the Imperial provinces of those Scythian strangers, the Byzantine court once more sought an alliance with the Slavonians; and Heraclius invited the tribe of Chorvates, or Chrobati, to drive them from Illyria, and occupy that province as vassals of the empire.

Quitting their country, they advanced with considerable forces into Dalmatia, and, after a war of about five years' duration, succeeded in reducing the Avars to subjection.

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This connexion with the Byzantine court, and their occupation of provinces, some of which had embraced Christianity as early as the age of the Apostlest, naturally led to the conversion of the Slavonian strangers; and the Chrobati and Serbs were converted to Christianity about the year The northern Slavonians continued to be Pagans until a very late period; and indeed, when compared to the other nations of Europe, they are remarkable for their lengthened adherence to the rites of idolatry; which were maintained at Arkona, the capital of the Isle of Rigen, till The religion of the pagan Slavonians bore no great resemblance to that of other neighbouring nations; and seems to suggest a distant, perhaps an Asiatic, origin.

The two principles of good and evil were acknowledged by them, at least by the Slavonians of the Baltic; Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 former called Biel Bog, the " white god," the other Tzerni or Cherni Bog, the " black god," which was represented under the form of a lion. Procopius says," The Slavonians worship one God, the maker of thunder ", whom they consider to be the only Lord of the Universe, and to whom they offer cattle and various kinds of victims They also worship rivers, nymphs, and some other deities.


Stribog was the god of winds, and Volos presided Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 flocks and herds. The exterior wall was of exquisite workmanship, and painted with figures of different things, executed in a rude and imperfect manner.

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It had only one entrance. The exterior consisted of a wall covered with a roof painted red; but the interior, supported by four posts, had, Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 of walls, hangings of tapestry, the whole being comprehended under a common roof.

The idol which stood in that edifice, much larger than the natural size of a man, had four heads and two bodies, of which one was turned to Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 right, the other to the left. Its beards were carefully combed, and the hair of its heads closely shorn.

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Its left arm was bent on its side, in the form of a bow His festival took place once a year, after the harvest. This word is evidently of Slavonic origin, med pronounced miud signifying " honey. If the quantity of the liquor had decreased, a scarcity was prognosticated; but no diminution indicated abundance. It was then filled again for the ensuing year; and the rest of the day was spent in feasting; excesses in eating and drinking being considered tokens of piety. Every man and woman Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 annually a piece of money for the support of the temple and its idol.

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The third part of the spoils taken from Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 enemy was set apart for the god; and three hundred horsemen, who were devoted to his service, gave the whole of their booty to his priest. A white horse was consecrated to him, which none but the priest could feed, or ride; and it was believed that the deity sometimes fought on this horse against their enemies.

The principal Divinities, Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 Sviantovid, worshipped in Riigen, were the seven-faced Rugevit, supposed to have been the god of war, with seven swords by his side, and an eighth in his hand; Porevit, with five faces; and Porenut, with four faces, and a fifth placed in his breast, which he held by its beard. He is supposed to have been the god of the seasons. In his right hand he held a battle-axe, and in his left a bull's head.

Some suppose him to have been the god of war. Woda was also figured as a warrior; but he appears only to be the Scandinavian Woden: Proven was the god of justice; and Chislobog, with a crescent, was the god of numbers. Download Magic Pro MP-P6PE Bios M OS support: Windows (all). Category: System Updates. Magic Pro MP-P6PE Pro Bios January 28, Magic Pro MP-Twin-V Bios Magic Pro MP-P6PE-800 October 8 Magic Pro MP-P4V Bios M June 4,


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