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The bundled software is not that big a deal. If you buy it used, don't count on getting much. I was running Windows 7 bit and whatever it was, I had trouble loading it, so to make a long story short, I got Cakewalk to let me download the Sonar X1 LE, since I had registered the original software bundled, whatever it was. One last bit of advice; I use tube amps, and the amp models do sound pretty good, but the gain is way too high on the patches M-Audio Black Box shipped. What I do is turn down the gain to the point that it only starts to break up when really attacking the strings, so that you get a lot of the character from the amp model, but most of the distortion is produced by the tubes. I use all tube amps, and I also have a Valvetronix combo, and it sounds really fantastic if you set it up like I suggested.

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You get all of the feel, touch dynamics that is, that you expect from tubes. The only way for amp models to ruin that for you is when you try to use them straight to a mixer.

I guess you have to have at least one tube stage in the preamp and the power amp to get all of the feel we expect from tube amps, and using modeling will only ruin M-Audio Black Box if you don't set it up correctly. I never read the manual, so I can't comment on that. There wasn't anything mind blowing going on here, but it didn't really sound bad.


It sounded on par with a POD or any other modeler device like that. The thing that made this stand out was the drum loops. Those gave you that extra little bit that M-Audio Black Box other modeler devices out there didn't have.

That's not to say the drum loops M-Audio Black Box programming are awesome; they're mediocre. However, it can work great for those who want some sort of all-in-one solution.

: Customer reviews: M-Audio Black Box Amps, Effects, and Recording

Everything sounds pretty decent, but it still sounds like a modeler. If M-Audio Black Box don't mind that aspect, check it out. You might be surprised. Did you find this review helpful?

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Possible thanks to its platinum, on a microphone stand, and used his pdalier optional is a very powerful tools: It is a M-Audio Black Box that should, in my opinion, learn to use, but when the mastery, it gives great satisfaction. Branch on a guitar amp: The basic amplifier dj though pleasant is amlior by the Black Box. It dailleurs on this amp and the U-Tronix that I used most. Permanent little breath and delay is not really usable small tap - Valve Junior: In fact, for a direct connection to an amp, I M-Audio Black Box it looks better on a hybrid amplifier or transistor on a real lamp which I did everything normal parat As for the effects I enjoy all of this can prs black gearbox. The pace and patterns among micro, t me repeatedly useful.

May be I should reproach him some little ergonomic features compressor, rverb but it's a habit to take a reproach. For some simulations cons really impressed me. The pdalier optional programmable gives it an add-ins for use which makes it really powerful. I especially want to remind that rglages are important, and it is also important to Getting to know all the intricacies of rglage to really find the sound you're looking 4 of 4 people found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful?


So really great provided it complies with the guitar volume inputs s' stop the clip before saturation on the other hand you can leave your volume thoroughly and remove your hands there will be no ounce of noise, for against all the time you can run the agreement it has a very good dynamic and is very quiet for me for euros ca far exceeds my Korg AX G and my pod 2. We are M-Audio Black Box a machine functionally trs complte, whether in terms of simulations see notice of imrryr Retailer for the list as accompaniments.

It also becomes an interface audionumrique branch once a M-Audio Black Box. The machine is solid, basic mtal, it is not any lgre. It has a large screen, which is not always legible hlas: In short, apart from the problem of notch, a Black Box day is almost a full house.

The combination is the same: Fortunately the LCD indicates which paramtre is modified! Pro Tools used to only work with one of Digidesign's own audio interfaces, but with Digidesign's purchase of M-Audio they've brought out a version of Pro Tools known as 'M-Powered'. The guitar modelling revolution continues apace with M-Audio's latest interface. The Black Box from M-Audio is based on the amp-modelling and effect. Co-developed by M-Audio and Roger Linn Design, M-Audio Black Box M-Audio Black Box Guitar Multi-Effects Processor is the first creative tool for guitarists that combines amp modeling, powerful beat-synced link effects, and electronic drums with an audio interface for computer-based recording.

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