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Some are really easy so those you can take big risks with loading firmware supermanu15 May 18,7: The key is how bad the unbrick process is. Some are really easy so those you can take big risks with loading firmware I am not really certain but somehow i feel confident loading this up, thank you for your feedback by the way i guess i can risk bricking this because i have 2 other spare routers lying around both from a let's say "disposable"-but-reliable -as-well-depending-on-how-you-use-it brand one with wireless G and N in the other. One of the things i've noticed in DD WRT is that features like QoS seem buggy, when i make some configurations it slows internet connection to all end devices in the network, latencies occur too or maybe Linksys E1200 v2 Router Tomato RAF configured it wrong, or maybe something happened during the flashing process that was incomplete i Linksys E1200 v2 Router Tomato RAF not really sure, that's why i want to ask for another 3rd party firmware alternative so i can learn and put in there something else.

The one in tomato is even worse it trys to look inside the packets for strings of data.

You need a very fast cpu and even then if the traffic rate is high it will exceed the capacity of the router. The simple filter work ok in both dd-wrt and tomato.


You pretty much need to use a PC running a firewall like pfsense to be able to use the very advanced QoS options. QoS is mostly a waste of time.

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You can really only control data you send and the problem is almost always data you receive. A very limited number of application can be controlled by trying to restrict outbound data to control inbound but it take very a large amount of knowledge about the data streams to set the numbers correctly. It generally comes down to one person having to not be able to do what they want so another can get good performance.

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If you try to use advanced QoS options is will always greatly slow you down. As we speak I am browsing through google and youtube about how tomato works and what it looks like, its features and such. Best answer May 19,1: Just using it as a wireless router they will be almost identical.

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Most advanced things on both devices require you to get your hands dirty and edit files in the underling unix system. You can load tomato and see if you like it better. The router will restart. The factory default login is "admin" with a password of "admin". However, unpredictable behavior of the router is nevertheless often experienced, and can usually be cured by an NVRAM erase and reconfiguration. NVRAM can also become corrupted in use by brownouts, etc.

The best source of help and information is the linksysinfo tomato forum http: If the changes involve switching wireless settings, you may need to reboot both ends. Hasn't been known to happen with 1. Certain wireless clients cause the router to crash or reboot on while trying to associate.

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The following script corrects the problem with the ND drivers - just run them once from the command line, once committed to NVRAM it doesn't need doing again. Normal QoS classification and access restriction checking is performed on packets traveling out to the Internet outboundi. This is the more important kind, because you can thus influence the behavior of packet queues in your router and DSL modem, avoid buffer overruns and let important packets jump the queue. You can additionally restrict inbound traffic.

Although there is an option to limit the download speed, it's often not recommended since what the router is really doing is dropping packets, which means they may need to be re-sent again over a slow Internet link. Some people erroneously believe that since you have no power over incoming traffic queues in routers out Linksys E1200 v2 Router Tomato RAF the Internet, there is not much you can do to improve their behavior. However, this is a misconception, by understanding how TCP works it is most certainly possible to use QOS to manipulate and influence the incoming traffic.

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For more help on using QOS, visit the various forums. These work by matching known patterns in packets.

Some protocols produce reliable uniquely identifiable signatures, but some do not. A change in the protocol's design can sometimes break these. It's up to you to actually populate it before the firewall starts. Free Download Linksys E v2 Router Tomato RAF Firmware MIPSR2-RAF-vg (Router / Switch / AP).


Linksys E v1, R2,Mbps, 4/32MB, K Linksys E v/v, R2,Mbps, 4/32MB, K26RT-N. Linksys E v1, R2,Mbps.

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