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The user-configurable MAX A architecture accommodates a variety of independent combinatorial and sequential logic functions.


The devices can be J-Mark J-V333U for quick and efficient iterations during design development and debug cycles, and can be programmed and erased up to times. MAX A devices contain from 32 to macrocells that are combined into groups of 16 macrocells, called logic array blocks LABs. To build complex logic functions, each macrocell can be supplemented with both shareable expander product terms and highspeed parallel expander product terms to provide up to 32 product terms per macrocell.

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MAX A J-Mark J-V333U also provide an option that reduces the slew rate of the output buffers, minimizing noise transients when non-speed-critical signals are switching. The output drivers of all MAX A devices can be set for 2. Figure 1 shows the architecture of MAX A devices. J-Mark J-V333U consist of macrocell arrays, as shown in Figure 1. Each LAB is fed by the following signals: The macrocell consists of three functional blocks: Figure 2 shows the MAX A macrocell.


For registered functions, each macrocell flipflop can be individually programmed to implement D, T, JK, or SR operation with programmable clock control. The flipflop can be J-Mark J-V333U for combinatorial operation. Each programmable register can be clocked in three different modes: This mode achieves the fastest clock-tooutput performance.

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By a global clock signal and enabled by an active-high clock enable. Clock enable is generated by a product term.

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This mode provides an enable on each flipflop while still achieving J-Mark J-V333U fast clock-to-output performance of the global clock. By an array clock implemented with a product term. Two global clock signals are J-Mark J-V333U in MAX A devices.


Each register J-Mark J-V333U supports asynchronous preset and clear functions. As shown in Figure 2, the product-term select matrix allocates product terms to control these operations. Although the product-term-driven preset and clear of the register are active high, active-low control can be obtained by inverting the signal within the logic array. In addition, each register clear function can be individually driven by the active-low dedicated global clear pin GCLRn. This dedicated path allows a signal to bypass the PIA and combinatorial logic and be clocked to an input D flipflop with an extremely fast up to 2.

Expander Product Terms Although most logic functions can be implemented with the five product terms available in each macrocell, more complex logic functions require additional product terms. These expanders help ensure that logic is synthesized with the fewest possible logic resources to obtain the fastest possible speed.

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Shareable Expanders Each LAB has 16 shareable expanders that can be viewed as a pool of uncommitted single product terms one from each macrocell with inverted outputs that feed back into the logic array. Each shareable expander can be used and shared by J-Mark J-V333U or all macrocells J-Mark J-V333U the LAB to build complex logic functions. A small delay tSEXP is incurred when shareable expanders are used.

Figure 3 shows how shareable expanders can feed multiple macrocells. J-Mark J-V333U expanders allow up to 20 product terms to directly feed the macrocell OR logic, with 5 product terms provided by the macrocell and 15 parallel expanders provided by neighboring macrocells in the LAB.

MAX 7000A Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet

Each set of 5 parallel expanders incurs a small, incremental timing delay tPEXP. A macrocell borrows parallel expanders from lower-numbered macrocells. For example, macrocell 8 can borrow parallel expanders from macrocell J-Mark J-V333U, from macrocells 7 and 6, or from macrocells 7, 6, and 5.

Within each group of 8, the lowest-numbered macrocell can only lend parallel expanders and the highest-numbered macrocell can only borrow them. Figure 4 shows how parallel expanders can be borrowed from a neighboring macrocell. JDA · JGLM · J-VDA · JA · JGLS · J-VPRO · JB · JGPRO · J-VU · JA · JGPROL · J-VDA · JA2 · JGVF. Motherboards by J-Mark Motherboards information JASPRO/JAS Motherboard Bios Driver · JAS Motherboard J-Mark J-V333U Driver · JCF Motherboard.

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