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Media release: Keysight Technologies - FieldFox handheld analyzer

Option is required for any phase measurement capability. So if you do not have Optionyou cannot measure group delay. To get time domain data for all four S-parameters and full 2-port cal, order Option View both time and frequency domain data at the same time Low-pass, impulse, and band-pass Keysight N995xA Analyzer Minimum, medium, and maximum window Gating With Option Keysight N995xA Analyzer is available for NxA analyzers.

Reduced accuracy for DUTs with 3. QuickCal is not recommended for DUTs with 3.

QuickCal is not applicable to waveguide. What are the requirements for Option ? What is included with Option ?

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  • N9915A FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer, 9 GHz

One FieldFox acts as the source and reference receiver, while the second FieldFox acts as the measurement receiver. FieldFoxes can be any of these models: FieldFox microwave combination analyzers: The ERTA option cannot be installed unless and are present on a combo analyzer, or is present on an SA analyzer. Optionpreamplifier this option increases the measurement dynamic Keysight N995xA Analyzer by increasing the Keysight N995xA Analyzer signal power. OptionGPS receiver this option increases the dynamic range by increasing the frequency accuracy and permitting the use of a narrower RBW.

Power splitter, two-resistor model, Keysight A, B, or C. Other power splitters can be used but the specifications listed are based on the match and tracking performance of A, B, or C. Threeresister power splitters are not recommended. Power splitter, two-resistor model, Keysight A, B, Keysight N995xA Analyzer C.

Other power splitters can be used but the specifications listed are based on the match and tracking performance of A, B, or C. Three-resister power Keysight N995xA Analyzer are not recommended. For a direct connection, a cross-over LAN cable is required. Alternately, both analyzers can be on a local area network.

What is included with Option ? Tune and listen is available with the purchase of the spectrum analyzer option The FieldFox must be equipped with Keysight N995xA Analyzer analysis capability. The preamplifier option is recommended, as elusive signals often have low power levels.

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The maximum real-time bandwidth for option is 10 MHz. RTSA includes trace recording and playback capabilities.

It does not include a frequency-mask trigger FMT. This has the added benefit that the measurements are shown slower, making it easier for the human eye to Keysight N995xA Analyzer the signal content. Necessary if Option is ordered The trigger cables and LAN cables must be at least as long as the separation distance between the two ends of the DUT.

What USB Keysight N995xA Analyzer sensors work with Option ? Keysight's technology has now surpassed the market-leading E and EC with the introduction of the 50 GHz FieldFox handheld analyzers in FieldFox Handheld Microwave Analyzer Firmware Release Notes (NxA, NxA, NxA, NxA, NxA). FieldFox firmware revisions are listed below.

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