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The Bad Remote desktop ASUS P1802 makes using Windows 8 in tablet mode unreliable, and you might prefer to wait to buy until later this year when the category has matured. Visit ASUS P1802 site for details. The Transformer AIO, like the Sony Tap 20, shows an effort to offer consumers an intriguing new blend of all-in-one desktop and semiportable tablet.


Rather than following Sony's approach of relying on Windows 8's new touch-friendly interface to achieve that mix with a single, seamless piece of hardware, the Transformer AIO essentially gives you two computing devices. Lift the display out of ASUS P1802 cradle ASUS P1802 the screen switches over to its built-in Nvidia Tegra 3 chip, becoming a giant, 5. The tablet portion weighs half as much as the Vaio Tap 20, making it easier to move from room to room.


With two CPUs, the Transformer can also run Windows 8 and Android concurrently, making some clever multiuser scenarios possible once you connect an external monitor to the base station. Android ASUS P1802 provides access to a larger library of touch-designed applications than you would have if the Transformer ran Windows 8 exclusively. One downside of the Transformer is that the base-station-with-removable-tablet model introduces more complexity than a self-contained alternative like the Vaio Tap Suddenly you need to keep track of two sets of applications, and two storage locations where did I save that photo? A remote desktop function to run Windows 8 on the tablet is sluggish and unreliable.

Those issues might put off some potential buyers. My bigger reservation comes ASUS P1802 the fact that we will see more hybrid desktop designs ASUS P1802 year, both over the next few months and in the fall when Intel introduces a line of supposedly more power-efficient CPUs, code-named Haswell.

Asus P1802-T 1B

There's certainly something to be said for Asus' dual operating system approach today, in particular its potential to satisfy the needs of multiple different users in one ASUS P1802. I still advise waiting six months to see what other products might ASUS P1802 in this compelling new desktop category.

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Because you can move the entirety of the Tap 20's hardware, you can always grab its power adapter and plug it in somewhere else. Regardless of where you use the Transformer's display, though, you still need to find a home for the base station. Asus kindly includes two power adapters with the Transformer, one for the base station, and a different cable for the tablet, so in truth you don't need the base station to keep the tablet charged. Still, I suspect most people buying this system will also be interested in the full Windows 8 experience, which means they'll be apt to find a more-or-less permanent home for the base unit. As a desktop, the Transformer is a clunky-looking machine with a too-small display for its price. The ability to connect an external monitor ASUS P1802 the Transformer's base station via the HDMI port is a saving grace for those interested in this system as a full-fledged computer.

Even better, Windows will automatically extend the desktop environment across the tablet and an external monitor should you connect one.

ASUS Transformer AiO

It's not the same as using two inch or inch monitors, but at least the Transformer can make ASUS P1802 use of any available screen space. Asus also deserves credit for the display's touch screen. Both in Windows 8 and in Android mode, touch input felt responsive, even with two people playing air hockey. I also felt no noticeable drag.


ASUS P1802 only hiccup came when I tried using Windows 8 on the tablet by itself via the included Splashtop remote desktop software. In that case, the input was still usable, but annoyingly laggy, though that could be a function of the ASUS P1802 wireless networks in CNET's New York office.

That brings us ASUS P1802 swapping back and forth between usage modes. The ASUS P1802 is for the most part seamless. With the tablet in its docking cradle, you can use either Windows 8 or Android, and moving between them is a simple matter of hitting a small button along the right edge of the display, or clicking on the Mode Switch icon that shows up on both operating systems.

Because the base unit and the tablet itself both have their own CPU, you never have to reboot or otherwise disable one operating ASUS P1802 to start up another. You also don't lose any data or experience any other status changes when you move between operating systems. Remove the tablet from its cradle, an easy-enough, latch-free maneuver, and it defaults to Android. But because Windows 8 is still running on the base unit, you can use remote desktop software to virtualize Windows 8 on the tablet. One trick to a smooth virtualization experience is minimizing input lag.

That's easy enough to do over a hardwired network, less so over the local wireless connection that Asus has to provide here.

AC-Adapter 18 Watt EU original for Asus P1802-T 1B

Asus has opted to use a ASUS P1802 Wi-Fi connection to bridge the remote desktop gap between the base unit and the tablet, and the company recommends a 5. ASUS Transformer AiO P Support.

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