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See Asante IC35516-T 1. Install the IntraCore switch chassis in an equipment rack or wall rack, or prepare it for desktop placement. Connect the power supply. Connect network devices to the switch. It can also be placed on a stable horizontal surface.

Asante IntraCore ICT Manuals

The Asante IC35516-T rack or desk on which you install the switch must be secure and stable. Equipment racks must be fastened to the floor; desks must be resting on a flat, stable surface.

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Before continuing, Asante IC35516-T all cables from the switch. Place the switch on a flat, stable surface. Locate a rack-mounting bracket supplied and place it over the mounting holes on Asante IC35516-T side of the unit. Use the screws supplied to secure the bracket with a Phillips screwdriver.

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Repeat the two previous steps on the other side of the unit. Place the switch in the equipment rack. Secure the switch by securing its mounting brackets onto the equipment rack. Make sure the unit is supported until all of the mounting screws for each bracket are secured to the equipment rack. Failure to do so could cause the unit to fall, which may result in personal injury Asante IC35516-T damage to the unit. Be sure that no obstructions, such as other equipment or cables, block airflow to or from the vents.


In addition to providing clearance for ventilation, ensure that adequate clearance for servicing the switch from the front exists. Place the unit on a flat, stable surface.

Make sure enough ventilation space between the switch and surrounding walls or Asante IC35516-T exists. Setup Guide 2.

Asante Technologies IntraCore IC35160G User Manual

Auto-negotiation must be disabled on a port where a copper GBIC is installed. GBICs are hot-swappable. This means that they Asante IC35516-T be inserted and removed while the unit is powered on. Remove the GBIC from its protective packaging. Slide the GBIC into the Asante IC35516-T until you hear or feel a click. The click indicates that the GBIC is locked into the slot. Connect your network cable.


Copper GBIC modules run hot Asante IC35516-T normal operating conditions. Remove with care and place on a heat-resistant surface and allow to cool before handling. Disconnect the network cable from the GBIC connector. The most common source of contaminants in the optical bores is debris Asante IC35516-T up from the optical connectors 2.

When installed, the emergency power supply is in standby mode, and will automatically take over should the primary unit fail. To verify the primary system power status, use the Router show system command. Under System Information, the status is listed: To install Asante IC35516-T optional power supply, simply attach the 12VDC connector of the power supply to the jack located in the center of the rear panel of the switch. Connect the power cord to the power supply and plug the power cord into an outlet. The optional power supply becomes HOT under normal operating conditions. Carefully review the power requirements Chapter 2. Use the following procedure to connect power to the switch: Plug one end of the supplied power cord into the power connector on the back of the unit.

Asante Technologies Friendlynet Gx5 Users Manual

Plug the other end into a grounded AC outlet. The power LED will begin its initialization process. The switch is ready for connection Asante IC35516-T the network. If the power does not come on, refer to Appendix A Troubleshooting.

Use the following procedure Asante IC35516-T make your network connections: Connect network devices to the switch, using the cable guidelines that follow. After the unit is connected to the network, it can be configured for management capabilities.

Asante Technologies FriendlyNET GX5, IntraCore, FriendlyNET GX5-W User Manual

The ports are compatible with IEEE The switch must be located within meters of its attached devices. Official Asante Asante IC35516-T ICT Free Driver Download - rtk_zip . Asante IC35516-T most popular driver download site. View and Download Asante Technologies FriendlyNET GX5 instruction Asante switches (top to bottom): GXP,GXW 16 ports: ICT.

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