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What is the USB port on the Apple TV *really* for?

But there are still plenty of questions about the latest edition. Does it finally do p? The new Apple TV USB TV looks exactly like its predecessor, and is housed in the same tiny, black enclosure.

The big hardware change for the new the Apple TV is inside: The improved horsepower finally allows the Apple TV to support p video output. Apple recommends a broadband connection of at Apple TV USB 8 Mbps to comfortably download p content. Unfortunately, no.

Restore your Apple TV through iTunes

The new Apple TV USB TV provides largely the same features and content options as its predecessor, just with a new interface. One minor change is that you can now sign up for Netflix directly from the Apple TV. However, a new feature automatically pushes new iCloud photos to your Apple TV for immediate viewing.

Apple TV USB you have an iCloud account, you can purchase TV shows and movies directly from the Apple TV—and later download and watch them on your other iCloud-enabled devices, as well. Has anything changed in terms of movie rentals? Do you still get only 24 hours to watch a rented video? How much does it cost to rent TV shows and movies? What about ripping your own movies and playing them from iTunes on your computer?

And thanks to iCloud, you can re-download or, in the case of Apple TV, stream purchased TV-show episodes and movies onto any device without having to go through iTunes on your computer. As for ripped movies, the answer is the same as with the second-generation Apple TV: What if I live outside the U. Apple TV USB


As with the previous Apple TV, content availability and terms vary depending on the country. By Raymond Wong It's now a full-blown revolution for the big screen Apple TV USB your home. That much we knew about the upgraded device launched at Apple's event Wednesday — yet still, some questions abound. The new Apple TV is physically a little larger, but it's packed with tons of new features. It's got a new remote, Siri is baked into tvOS at a system-wide level and there are now apps — specifically games.


It's a powerful set-top box that Apple thinks will change the way you interact with your TV. But there are still some details Apple didn't announce, which could ultimately sway your purchase decision. Apple TV USB doesn't play 4K video. Apple Apple seems to have one foot in and one foot out of the door when it comes to 4K video.

What is the purpose of the USB port on the new Apple TV? - Quora

But the new Apple TV won't support 4K videos at all. Officially, the new Apple TV can only handle p resolution at up to 60 frames per second. Sure, you can argue that there isn't a whole lot of 4K content to stream to begin with. Best answer: No, the Apple TV 4K does not support a USB port. The USB port on older devices was only used for resetting Apple TV USB device to factory settings.

Now there is a significantly less complicated process to reset your device, even if it doesn't turn on anymore. Older generations. A computer with iTunes; A high-speed Internet connection; A USB-C cable for Apple TV HD or Apple TV USB Micro-USB cable for Apple TV (3rd generation.

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