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Apple Trackpad is a "force touch" trackpad. It gives you one functionality with a light touch and a different one with a heavy touch. It can take some getting used to. Click Apple Trackpad drag requires a light touch.

If you tend to click heavy Apple Trackpad you drag, place the finger of one hand lightly on the pad for "click" Apple Trackpad use the finger of your other hand for "drag. So don't believe all the negative reviews. This is a really super trackpad, and I think you'll love it.

A really super trackpad! Yes 1. Random clicks happen all the time and half the I have used dozens of pointing devices in the last 30 years and have never had as many problems as with this one. Random clicks happen all the time and half the time instead of a regular click or worse a double click it registers a right click. Scrolling with 2 fingers sometimes causes it to think I am using 3 fingers which it then takes several seconds to recover Apple Trackpad.

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Swiping through pages online feels just like flipping through pages in a book or magazine. And inertial scrolling makes moving up and down a page more natural than ever Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology. Works Fine Apple Trackpad 2. Original one lasted 7 years, new one 16 months. I loved the design and operation, but Got the trackpad 2 to replace a faulty TP 1 which came with my imac. I loved the design and operation, but last week it just died, refused to charge, and is now a pretty brick. He took over my screen, poked around, and said it was Most Sincerely Dead.

There's no way to tell if the unit is charging unless you're in Trackpad Preferences, but if its not charged or charging, its not "discoverable" and won't show up in Preferences! Bit of a Catch design flaw there-put a little green light somewhere on the unit! Guess I'm back to Magic Mouse, which isn't nearly as graceful a product, but at least its working. In all, the internal battery idea is wonderful, but oughta last more than 4 months longer than the warranty period - or Apple should offer a Trackpad Applecare extension.

Magic Trackpad - Wikipedia

Lasted 16 months Yes 5. I really enjoyed the feel and its size made it easy to "find" without taking my eyes off the screen. Powering the unit is an internal battery that can be recharged via a Lightning port. On the rear of the aluminum wedge, next to the Lightning receptacle, is a a physical power switch and a Bluetooth antenna cutout filled in with strip of radio-transparent Apple Trackpad.


Four rubber feet provide a solid foundation for all but the most vigorous swiping activities. Trackpad 2's real magic is a Force Touch mechanism hidden beneath the Apple Trackpad and metal exterior. The surface is also static; it doesn't physically move. Apple employs a haptic feedback engine to mimic the usual "click" sensation, a system used in the latest MacBooks. Setup Plugging a Lightning cable running from your Mac into the trackpad's charging port instantly pairs the device, no configuration needed. A confirmation message pops up onscreen to let users know that their trackpad is ready to use over Bluetooth.

If you are not comfortable digging into the settings of your Mac and want things to "just work," these new devices are for you.

With Magic Trackpad 2, Apple has truly continued the tradition of building in foolproof device setup procedures. Bluetooth antenna slot on Magic Trackpad 2. Users can easily adjust settings for click and haptic feedback in Mac's Settings menu. For example, Force Touch gesture input pressure can be adjusted to light, medium and firm, or Apple Trackpad off entirely to make the device function like a traditional trackpad.

I am by no means frail, but even the medium Apple Trackpad seemed to be somewhat difficult to trigger. Magic Trackpad 2 brings the full power of Multi-Touch and Force Touch to a wireless, rechargeable, stand-alone trackpad. Now in a Space Gray finish. Magic Apple Trackpad 2 is rechargeable with a built-in battery and brings Force Touch to the desktop for the first time. Four force sensors.

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