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Login to submit a review! Hardware If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- that seems to be the mantra behind the A50's design. For those unfamiliar, it's a very retro-futuristic design; you're looking at an extremely flexible skeletal frame made from sturdy matte plastic along with two glossy metal tubes that connect the earcups to the headband. That said, discerning shoppers will notice the A50 differentiates itself from the A40 with a non-glossy finish on the outside of the earcups and red coloring on the partially visible internal wiring. The coiled and slightly exposed wiring might seem like a malfunction waiting to happen, but we've never experienced any breaks or snags with last year's A So we'd say it's fair to expect the same robustness here as well.

Some tweaks have ASTRO Gaming A50 TxD Headset been made to accommodate a more couch-friendly experience than the A40 wireless system i.

: ASTRO Gaming A50 PS4 - Black ( model): playstation 4: Video Games

Aesthetically, this means the A50 doesn't have customizable speaker tags, nor can you move the mic to the right earcup on the fly. Not that it matters, because if you're at home, it's not like anyone can see how totally awesome your customizations are anyway.

However, this does actually have an impact on the tonality of the A50, which we'll discuss in more detail later. If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- that seems to be the ASTRO Gaming A50 TxD Headset behind the A50's design. With that, let's talk about what might have counted as "broken" in the past. As we mentioned earlier, the MixAmp 5. Namely, it was made for those with large living rooms and who wanted the traditional MixAmp experience without tracking wires across the room. It was also a wireless option for those interested in hooking up their audiophile cans like the Sennheiser's series.

In the case of the A50, though, the belt pack is gone.


Its controls, radios and rechargeable lithium-ion battery are now embedded in the headset itself -- specifically, the left earcup. Within your thumb's reach on the back of the right earcup is a notched volume wheel, while further up you'll find a power button with an indicator light and a tri-mode switch for sound profiles, which we'll explain in the audio section. The volume roller is placed in a ASTRO Gaming A50 TxD Headset spot and becomes more intuitive with each use -- you won't be fiddling to find it at all. However, we quickly became annoyed with just how many flicks it took to move throughout the volume range -- we're talking around 50 taps of the thumb.

Replacement MixAmp TXD Transmitter for Astro A50 Headphones for sale online eBay

You might think that once your volume ASTRO Gaming A50 TxD Headset set you'd barely be touching the wheel, but we found ourselves trekking up and down its range in all sorts of scenarios, from new games to music listening. That said, the dial and tri-mode switch function smoothly, and unlike previous MixAmps, you won't notice any static or off-centering in the audio signal while making adjustments.

Moving along to the outside of the right earcup, it's essentially a giant rocker for adjusting the balance of audio coming from games and voice chat. It's convenient to press that big, tactile button and hear a satisfying click, though we did find the sound of its springs to be a bit annoying at lower volumes. Thankfully, the rocker also enables three audio cues to help you gauge the balance. Additionally, you'll hear these sounds indicating when the headset is powered on or in need of a charge. Overall, we wouldn't say this system is as intuitive as having a duo of stereo system-like volume dials to control the audio levels like previous ASTRO Gaming A50 TxD Headset, but we're at a loss trying to come up with a better implementation than this. Along the rear of the left earcup sits a mini-USB port for charging, and a 2.

The outside features a non-removable mic that's extremely flexible, and positioning it upright will let you quickly mute any potentially embarrassing conversations you might need to have with your roommates.

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Still, we've got to kvetch at least a little. This flip method which we've loved on wired Sennheiser headsets like the PC is certainly better than having a mute switch embedded inline with a cable, but its left-side-only mic placement puts you at a loss.

Product Firmware

It's one of those subtle design elements that make the A40 unique and accommodating to the user, and as understandable as that design choice is, we're just a bit saddened that the option isn't here. The same goes if you try to use the A50 with the OG 5. All that's understandable, for sure, but still a bummer if you plan on having buddies over for split-screen gaming or an intimate LAN party. Setup and layout We're happy to report that getting the whole A50 package set up went smoothly -- the hardest part was fiddling with the three plastic bits that snap together to create a stand for the headset ASTRO Gaming A50 TxD Headset MixAmp transmitter. Yes, you'll still need to plug a pesky cable into your controller to talk on Live, since Tritton has the exclusive rights for totally wireless Xbox headsets with its upcoming Warhead.

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