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Apacer introduces a new, ultra-slim MP4 player — AU With the classic blue body and mirrored stainless steel rear fascia, the AU radiates self-assurance and charm. The AU features a 1. Whether used for playing music, viewing video or photo content, it combines outstanding clarity with convenient operation, giving you the best possible audiovisual experience. Only references to South Africa apply. All products are sourced in South Africa Apacer Audio Steno MS400 the official suppliers and the warranty is that of the local supplier. It does not Apacer Audio Steno MS400 your playlist position, so if you turn it off and then turn it on again, you start at the beginning of the playlist. Since my playlist is usually over 80 songs, I have to use shuffle or else be extremely bored!

Apacer Audio Steno AU350 firmware download MP3 Flash-player device custom update

The buttons respond much more slowly than the Rio PMP did. It takes Apacer Audio Steno MS400 quarter second or so to skip to the next song. Also, it has this stupid rocker switch that you sometimes have to press down in order to select a menu item, but when you press it you're likely to flip it to one side or the other. Finally, and this is the subject of this page, the headphone jack is connected poorly and easily comes loose, leaving you with a crackly, monophonic, or silent listening experience. Snap, Crackle, Pop OK, all you budding consumer device designers.


Here is my biggest piece of advice: I can't tell you how many of my devices have had this fail in the past. A bump against the plug has a levering action that pulls the contacts right off the board. Don't do it!!

Apacer Audio Steno AU350 firmware download MP3 Flash-player device custom update

Instead, mount the connector securely to the chassis, and connect it to the board through flexible wires. Well, Apacer did it with the Audio Steno, and after I owned it for a month or so, the left channel of my headphones started to drop out.

Because the left channel is the tip, or core, of the stereo phone jack, its connector is deepest and has the most pressure on it. I opened the Steno up -- sure enough, the solder and pin Apacer Audio Steno MS400 broken off the pcb and was making contact only when the jack was 'pushed' in a certain way.

I soldered it back. This is pretty easy to do--usually the contacts are already so happily accepting of solder that you just have to heat the existing solder dot for a fraction of a second, and it will flow and make contact again.


These pins are soldered to traces on the PCB, and sometimes that trace can break off with the solder pad. If so, you might need to follow that trace to its destination, then solder Apacer Audio Steno MS400 wire connecting the pin to the destination of the trace. That worked for like, a week.

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Then it came loose again. I opened, soldered, and put it back together. This time, I made a practice of removing the headphones whenever I put the device in my pocket to avoid straining forces.

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It broke again, after a few days. Too busy to solder it again, I walked around for weeks with a special method I developed of holding the device in my hand that would put pressure on the Apacer Audio Steno MS400 jack and cause it to make correct contact. But that totally sucked. Next, the final solution. I opened it up again, and this time completely desoldered all of the leads on the headphone jack, removing it from the PCB. Then, I did what they should have done in the first place: Apacer Audio Steno MS400 attached it to the chassis instead of the PCB. To do this properly I suppose I would have used epoxy or something like that. Apacer Audio Steno MS MB 5-in-1 USB Flash/FM/MS Reader - its a usb flash drive, mb, digital voice recording, 3 line brillant 96* The Audio Steno MS package concept. The Audio Steno MS, designed as an exclusive MP3 player for discerning people, is going to launch this month.

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