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The lid has a carbon-fibre finish to it, and the curved keyboard and gunmetal grey colouring lend it a distinctive look.

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Amazingly, it's also 11 per cent quicker than a top-of-the-range Intel PC based on the 3. More importantly, you can rotate and fold the screen so that it covers the keyboard, with the display facing up. This transforms the TravelMate into a tablet PC that you can write on. Expect to see two primary form factors as tablet PCs become more prevalent: Additionally, you'll find several specialised buttons that allow you to toggle wireless on and off and extend battery lifeas well as switch Acer TravelMate 100 display between landscape and portrait modes. We'll let you know how all this hardware performs when we run benchmark tests on the full-production unit in the autumn.

We'll also know the price then, as Acer hasn't set it yet. Please find out your old battery's part number or the exact model name of your laptop at first like 'TravelMate C'then to match our product compatibility chart. Second please compare your old battery's shape to our product images ensure they are the same. Finally check the voltage Rating is same to your old battery's.

Display Resolution Abbreviation. Stereo speakers, microphone. Hard Drive Type. Input Type. Communications Wireless Protocol.

Wireless Controller. Wired Protocol.

How do I enable wireless network feature on my Acer TravelMate C100 notebook?

Gigabit Ethernet. Pentium M.


Processor Number. Clock Speed. Optical Storage Drive Type.

Form Factor. Floppy Drive Type.

Acer TravelMate - Review - PCMag UK

Modem Features. Wake on Ring. Accomplish more with a full range of ports, including SD card and micro smart card readers 5and use NFC 5 to share content or make mobile payments. Ensure secure authentication and safeguard company data with the hardware-level Trusted Platform Module 2. Some models in the series include Acer TravelMate 100 webcam.

High quality battery for Acer TravelMate C100 (1800mAh,4 cells)

Several proprietary utilities from Acer are usually provided, which interface with Acer TravelMate 100 operating system. These programs include Acer ePower Management for changing the computer's mobile power options, Acer eRecovery Management for flexible data backup, and Acer Launch Manager for configuring the computer's launch keys, which launch user-defined applications.

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Others utilities manage passwords, file encryption, memory optimization, and network connections. Instead, the display is equipped with an active digitizer —an array of fine wires beneath the LCD display that interacts with an electronically active stylus that's specific to Acer TravelMate 100 manufacturer's device.


One problem with this approach is that losing the stylus can spell disaster. Acer provides a small backup stylus that fits into a slot in the side of the TravelMate.

The advantage of an active digitizer is that it provides extremely high resolution—about four times higher than that of the display—which permits impressive handwriting recognition and extremely smooth electronic ink. Tapping the stylus on the display has the same effect as clicking the left mouse button, and double-tapping is equivalent to a double-click. The Acer's primary and backup styluses include an optional button that performs the equivalent of right-clicking a mouse. You can also generate a right-click by tapping the stylus and holding it over an icon or menu item. These actions are easy to learn and become quite natural. You can operate in Tablet PC configuration with the display set to either Portrait or Landscape mode.

Windows Journal Because the keyboard is hidden in Tablet mode, you must use the stylus for data entry. Using a new application called Windows Journal, which lets you write on the display in electronic ink, I Acer TravelMate 100 some 20 pages of notes during the aforementioned briefing. The long-term durability of such a complex hinge Acer TravelMate 100 questionable, though Acer says it has been tested through 18, cycles. Five programmable buttons on the lower right-hand corner of the LCD bezel supplement the tablet pen; you'd likely use them to rotate the image or as substitutes for the Enter key.

I was using Acer's TravelMate Tablet PC. Inside and Out The TravelMate measures " * " * " (closed) and weighs approximately pounds. Inside. The TravelMate has an impressive Acer TravelMate 100 design, but there are some minor annoyances.

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