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Rather than solid blocks, the individual keys are more like thin hats on stems to allow for gaps beneath them for backlighting.

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It looks stylish enough but it feels a little odd at first, and if you move your fingers from key to key too quickly it's quite easy to catch the lip of an adjacent key and lose your position. You'll get used Acer Aspire 5935 it but we're not huge fans. The rest of the chassis is pleasing enough, with a wide array of ports to cover most people's needs. In keeping with the media approach there's a DVB-T tuner built in, with an antenna input on the rear right. Finally, draft-n wireless and a Gigabit Ethernet port round off the set.

Acer Aspire 5935G review

Moving up from the base, the outlook is equally mixed. This structure improves the grip somewhat and is, in view of material selection plastic Acer Aspire 5935, haptically quite alright. Despite the exclusive use of plastic, the case makes a very qualitative impression. The case stability can be generally called good.

The weak point is found, as noticed often in other devices, above the optical drive. The case gives in somewhat under pressure there.

The same applies, interestingly, to the right wrist rest, but a bit more force has to be used here. The bottom side of the base unit also presents itself as form stable, giving away slightly under pressure under the optical drive. By and large, the base unit shows itself as very twisting resistant. The display lid is less optimal in this respect. Under pressure this gives away a bit, whereas also image distortions can be observed on an activated screen. It obeys to torsion forces better so that merely a slight bending can Acer Aspire 5935 observed at lifting at a display corner.

Uneven component joints aren't found anywhere. Therefore it can be conclusively determined that stability and manufacturing of the used plastic is adequately good and shouldn't lead to any problems at normal use. Principally, the whole case, with a width of millimeters, a depth of millimeters and a maximum height of Together with a total weight of about 3 kilograms, this notebook can't exactly be counted Acer Aspire 5935 the lightest and smallest notebooks, which keeps the mobility within limits, anyway. Both display hinges make a relatively small impression. However, they hold the test device's screen adequately in place and it rebounds only slightly at adjustment. Besides that, the hinges are smooth enough to vary the opening angle with one hand.

If the opening angle is below approximately ten degrees, the notebook shuts automatically with a fairly loud bang, whereas narrow rubber buffers on the upper display frame and on the sides of the base unit should dampen the collision somewhat. Oppositely, the notebook opens when held a bit on the base unit. Due to the lack of a transport lock, you should take particular care that no sharp Acer Aspire 5935 penetrate the gap between keyboard and display in the case of transportation. These could cause quite a bit of damage, especially to the sensitive display.

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Apart from that, the opening angle is restricted to a maximum of degrees. The reason for this are the angled hinges mounted on the display. Connectivity For a notebook of this dimension, the Acer Aspire G may not have particularly generous interface connectivity, but you do find everything you need for office and multimedia applications on the notebook. A total of four USB 2. The front and back side have to basically be kept free from interfaces due to the beveled front edge and the opening mechanism. Therefore, all connection options have been distributed, partly densely packed, on the side edges.

The quality of their arrangement is, once again, strongly dependent on the planned use of the device. The right side has an USB 2. Our test device was equipped with a BluRay drive. Depending on the selected configuration, it could also be a DVD burner, though. Due to this arrangement with the USB port far in the back area, righties have a distinct advantage because they still generally have the whole work area right of the notebook to usefor example, with an external mouse. Lefties will have their problems with the Acer Aspire 5935 Aspire G, in opposition to this. Two further standard USB 2. Hence, lefties can almost be sure that distracting cables will restrict the work surface beside the notebook.

Apart from that, the USB ports on this side are so close to each other that devices with a broad USB Acer Aspire 5935 are better relegated to the right side edge. Models with a TV tuner additionally host a RF-in port. Our test device was equipped with neither feature, though. Acer Acer Aspire 5935 E15 iU. Sheer Mulitmedia in inches Already at first sight, the Acer Aspire G's designated application field was obvious. NVIDIA GeForce GT M: The GeForce GT M is a higher clocked GeForce M GT with a slightly lower TDP (level of the M GT). Already at first sight, the Acer Aspire G's designated application field was obvious.

This does not only apply to the design, which pleases  ‎Review Acer Aspire G · ‎Performance · ‎Emissions · ‎Specifications.

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