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The very similar brightness and contrast values as well as the identical viewing angles will be explained below. The panel has a native resolution of x HD readya very high resolution for the In contrast to the typical netbook resolution of x the on-screen real-estate is enormous here. HD-ready is also the standard resolution inand inch notebooks.

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The CMO-panel is not matte ; the glare-type panels are better at color reproduction, though reflections are inherent in their operation. The contrast level of a display separates the wheat from the chaff: Many of the cheaper netbooks, subnotebooks and notebooks have contrast ratios under Darker colors are not deeply infused with black, rather a lighter shade of gray. As such, users do not have Acer Aspire 1551 Notebook Bios 1.06 turn up the brightness when indoors and can safely dim the display down a bit.

During battery operation Acer Aspire 1551 Notebook Bios 1.06 brightness remains stable. The beautiful weather invites us outside for a little time in the sun. Of course one would want to bring along the slick red Lenovo U with them; quickly the sun reflecting off the panel gets on one's nerves. The brightness puts up a good fight against the brightness itself, though it is powerless when it comes to the reflections. Comfortable operation in sunlight is only Acer Aspire 1551 Notebook Bios 1.06 when one is in the shadows or when going through the trouble of finding an appropriate seating position and display angle. The horizontal viewing angles are relatively tolerant.

Up to 45 degrees deviation from the optimal position we were still able to recognize text and colors, though soon after the colors start to become inverted. The picture begins to darken as quickly as 25 degrees deviation from the optimal position.

Download Mirror 1 of Acer Aspire 1551 Notebook Bios 1.06.

From above or below things look a bit worse vertical. Text is readable up to 40 degrees and the brightness starts to decrease as soon as 10 degrees. When an audience is gathered in front of the IdeaPad, those looking on from an upper position will hardly be able to recognize anything. With as little as 25 vertical degrees of deviation the colors are strongly inverted. The energy-efficient ultra-low-voltage variant of the Core iM with the name iUM is at home in the U The standard- and turbo-frequencies are however much lower. Acer Aspire 1551 Notebook Bios 1.06 dual-core processor is clocked at between 1. The maximum wattage of 18 Watts TDP is admittedly high.

The chip also contains the memory controller as well as integrated Intel HD graphics. The integration of both these components into the processor structure is standard on the new Core i3 and i5 CPUs. The UM is able to work on four threads in parallel Hyper Threadingwhich should be a benefit when working with multi-threaded applications. Here we Acer Aspire 1551 Notebook Bios 1.06 a second difference between the Timeline X T and our test model: Does the U have the power of a full-on notebook?

The question can be ignored, as 1. During a multi-core benchmark with all available threads HT: In every case the U processes about half as fast as the Core iM 2. The older brother of this model, the M 2. When computing with one core single-core the Lenovo U manages 1, points. The Core iM lies around 2, points, while an iM is able to put up 3, points.

Acer Aspire Switch SW5-012 Driver Download

The U just squeaks ahead of the SU 1. To what do we attribute the weak performance of the iUM? All processor and system benchmarks henceforth executed have suffered from its slow processing speed. We tested with the single-core benchmark SuperPi as well as Cinebench R10 and found the hard evidence: While the U is quick to change between 1.


The same goes for multi-core calculations in Cinebench: See the series of screenshots for more information. Is the system performance also on par with that of a low-level subnotebook?

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