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All I had to do was, when prompted, insert the diskette with the driver software, and select—from the Windows Control Panel's "Multimedia" submenu—the CardDeluxe as the default device for record and replay.


But even though the Windows Device Manager reported no interrupt or address conflicts, I occasionally experienced the No Sound Syndrome. I therefore reinstalled the CardDeluxe in a less-well-specified PC: That you can never have too much hard-drive space has been my experience from the Sonic Solutions audio workstation that I use to edit, mix, and master the Stereophile CDs. The CardDeluxe proved perfectly reliable in this PC. It deals with bit data in the same manner as the Sonic by saving each word as two bit bytes, which is inherently wasteful. See what I meant by hard-drive space? With the specifications Digital Audio Sound Card Deluxe on the DAL site and my test results, I expected very good quality.

I was not disappointed. I used the CardDeluxe for a variety of reviews on other products on my site. The CardDeluxe was my benchmark card when I went to check the true sound Digital Audio Sound Card Deluxe a product. The soundcard is simply very accurate and very quiet.

For instance, while I was testing some microphones for clarity and sensitivity, the CardDeluxe was my card of choice amongst some very heavy competitors. Throughout, the card's reproduction of the sounds and instruments I was recording was accurate and full sounding.

Importantly, there was no discernible noise from the card itself. The card effortlessly captured these sounds in full detail. Regarding the paper, I flipped through the pages of some manuals.

I was able to discern not only the rustle of the paper edge crossing my fingertips but the sound of the paper hitting Digital Audio Sound Card Deluxe previously flipped pages. I recorded a variety of instruments, my flutes Native American, variety of bambooacoustic guitar alternate tuning and slideharmonica, and vocals.

The card captured all instruments clearly and accurately. Lastly, I played back, at volume, drum samples using the Drag and Drop Drummer kit. The card robustly pounded out the beats of these samples. Overall, this card simply did not have any "effect" on the sound. It just accurately recorded whatever sounds were there. It was pristine and smooth.

Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe Specifications:

I cannot ask any more of a card than that. Digital Audio Sound Card Deluxe set of panels comes up with which the user can select bit data mode, master clock settings, and monitoring settings. In the configuration window seen belowthe user can also choose the digital output modes and the special analog dithering options described above. I wish to return to the analog input dithering mentioned above.

Driver Digital Audio Card Deluxe (free) - Download latest version in English on phpnuke

As you can see in the image above, the user can select input dithering types in the panel. You may ask why is analog input dithering significant? Input dithering will allow the user to take full advantage of the CardDeluxe's bit capability before the signal Digital Audio Sound Card Deluxe dithered down to bit for transfer into the software. The resultant dithered bit signal should have superior sonic quality than that of a truncated bit signal.

This could be useful for software applications that accept only bit signals and for systems that cannot accomodate bit recording levels. I did not have to contact support for any problems with the card or its installation.

Digital Audio Labs Digital Audio CardDeluxe PCI (CDX01) Sound Card

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