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The number of persons employed was 92, of whom 33, were males, and 59, were females.

It is more generally dis tributed throughout the United States than the Cottoi Manufacture, yet Massachusetts employs in it one third of the whole capital and consumes one third of the Wool. But the future of manufacturing enterprise in the United States, except in its effects upon society, must riot be judged from its present development in Massachusetts. Inaccording to the census, Virginia, the two Caro linas and Georgia manufactured greatly more in quantity and value of Cotton and Woolen fabrics than the whole of New England; and North Carolina produced double as many yards as Massachusetts. MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook

We doubt not the superior intellectual energy of the people of Massachusetts has attracted much that, with equality in this particular. Manufacturing enterprise in the United States is yet in its experimental stage. The people have but recently recovered from the delusion that Mfanufactures are injurious to national prosperity. They have not had time to study the conditions upon which success in Manufactures depends, or to comprehend the lines that naturally and properly separate human pursuits. In future times, a manufacturer will no more think of consulting merely his personal inclinations, or one favorable circumstance, in the location of his manufactory, than the agriculturist, for a similar reason, would choose for the field of his operations the Pilot Knob of Missouri, or the gold-seeker the sands of New Jersey.

As yet manufacturers are working independently not only of MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook other, but of the general laws that underlie economical production. Market, give their confidence to European manufacturers.


It is the object of the present volume to submit, with due deference, to the consideration of both these classes, some suggestions based on the experience of the past and of other countries; and to endeavor to aid them-First: Political Economists divide the essential requisites of production into two-Labor, and appropriate natural objects. To these, in Manufactures, we must certainly add Capital.

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But the productive efficacy of all productive agents, MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook every one has observed, varies greatly at various times and places, and depends upon a variety and due combination of circumstances, partly moral and partlyphysical. Foremost among the moral circumstances conducive and essential to prosperity, especially in Manufactures, are freedom of industry and security of property.

We need but glance at the history of any European nation, France in particular, to discover that governmental interference with industry is baneful in its effects, and that monopolies and corporation privileges retard progress. Because they had made of worsted a kind of cloth called shay, such as the English used to manufacture, and even sell in France, while the French regulations stated that that kind of cloth should be made with mohair. I have seen other manufacturers treated in the same way, because they had made camlets of a particular ividth, used in England and Germany, for which there was a great demand from Spain, Portugal, and other countries, and from several parts of France, while tile French regulations prescribed other widths for camlets.

There was no free town where mechanical invention could find a refuge from the tyranny of the monopolists -no MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook but what was clearly and explicitly described by the statutes could be exercised-none but what was included in the privileges of some corporation. There have been only two countries, Holland and the United States, which have, in these respects, been placed under nearly similar circumstances as England; and notwithstanding the disadvantages of their situation, the Dutch have long been, and still continue MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook be, the most industrious and opulent people of the Continent-while the Americans, whose situation is more favorable, are rapidly advancing in the career of improvement with a rapidity hitherto unknown.


MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook Very early in our constitutional history the question was agitated-Shall Government, in adjusting its taxes for revenue, so discriminate as to protect and encourage Hiome Manufacturers, or in other words, to diminish, if not exclude, foreign competition in our markets? This question was submitted to the people, but proved too vast for popular solution.

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Their opinions changed with the current of argument, like the judgment of the Dutch Justice; and the decision which they had made promptly in MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook with the wish of the attorneys on the one side, was as promptly reversed upon the suggestion of the attorneys on the other side. Finally, not knowing what to do, the majority seem to have concluded that, as posterity had done nothing for them they were under no obligations to do any thing for posterity.

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In the mean tinte legislation upon the ques. It would seem therefore that, in addition to security of property and freedom of industry, success in Manufactures implies a certain and stable, if not wise policy in governmental action upon questions affecting manufacturing interests.


Another moral cause contributing, and in fact essential to eminence in manufacturing industry, is the general diffusion of intelligence among the people. By intelligence, in this connection, we do not mean merely the understanding necessary to enable an individual to become the creator or the lord of a machine. The mind is God's machine, with powers seemingly unlimited, and capable of producing any thing from a bad pun to the lever of Archimedes, the flying pigeon of Archytas or the calculating machine of Babbage. But the exercise of this faculty, the application of the best iintellect in a community in the direction of practical improvements, depends largely upon the approbation and rewards bestowed upon successful enterprise in invention or mechanical labor. It is in vain to hope that ambition will spur intellect to achieve mechanical triumphs, where an inventor is respected less than a tinseled soldier or a ragged lawyer.

It is in vain to expect that mechanics will strive to acquire any extraordinary skill where mechanical labor is degraded to serfdom, or even is not appreciated. In the histories of nations, whose rise and fall are classical studies, we learn that the application of mind to MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook as well as handicraft operations, was regarded as unworthy of freemen. But the inventing of such things is drudgery for the lowest slaves.

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It is not her office to teach men how to use their hands. Need we wonder there have been dark ages in the world's history. The proud position of New England-a position so enviable that her light reflects lustre on States with which she is allied-is due rather to her sound, intelligent, practical philosophy, than to any physical advantages or original intellectual superiority. Free Download MSI Wind Top AE WMIHook Driver for Windows 7 bit (Other Drivers & Tools). MSI Wind Top AE IdeaCom Touch Panel Driver for MSI Wind Top AE WMIHook Driver for Windows 7 MSI Wind Top AE1921 WMIHook.

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