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If there is no other entry beside the local machine, ping another IP machine on your network to build the ARP table.

Lantronix EPS 2-100 - print server Series

This has to be a host other than the machine that you're working on. If no duplicate is found, the server will use the IP address and will respond to the ping packet.

Once logged in, the administrator can enter the Change IPaddress command to make the address permanent. Connect to the serial port Port 1 using a terminal emulation program. The serial settings should be baud, 8 bits, 1 Lantronix EPS2-100 Print Server bit, no parity.


Become the privileged user and enter the new IP address. Because of the way the LPR protocol is typically implemented on the host, the processing options and banner page are sent after the job data itself. If it is necessary to have the banner page at the Lantronix EPS2-100 Print Server of the printout, install and use the RTEL software. If banners are not needed, they can be disabled.

If two print queues on the host refer to two services on the same EPS, they must use separate spooling directories. In the Control Panel, double-click the Printers icon.

Double-click the Add Printer icon. In the window that appears, choose My computer and click Next.

Lantronix MultiPort Print Server Parallel Serial Ethernet EPS2-100-12

Select the Add Port button and click Next. Select the manufacturer and printer type. Enter the Lantronix EPS2-100 Print Server name. If applicable, choose Shared and select the type of operating system that the printer will be working with. The punctuation shown is required, and no extra spaces should be added. The rm parameter is the name of the EPS in the host's address file, the rp parameter is the name of the service as it exists on the EPS, and the sd parameter specifies the name of a directory used to hold temporary spooling files. Create a world-writable spooling directory using the mkdir command.

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Print to the queue using normal lpr commands: To create a print queue: At the host prompt type smit. To add a print queue: From the main Lantronix EPS2-100 Print Server choose Print Spooling. Choose Add a print queue. From the dialog box that appears choose remote. From the next dialog box choose Remote Printing. Enter the following information. Print to the queue using normal lp syntax. At the HP prompt type sam.

Lantronix Eps Print Server Multiport Network Eps eBay

From the main application window choose Printers and Plotters. The Add Remote Printer window will appear. SAM will prompt Lantronix EPS2-100 Print Server for: Issue the mkdev rlp command. The mkdev rlp command should only be issued once, or serious problems will occur. If this happens, contact SCO technical support. You can print to this queue using normal lp syntax once the remote printer is set up. To create a remote printer: Issue the rlpconf command.

Answer the questions that follow. Putting the printer in printer description file and creating spool directory The remote Lantronix EPS2-100 Print Server name is the name of your EPS as it is listed in your hosts file. During initial configuration, the queue name must be the same as the remote printer name. However, you may change the queue name later by manually editing the printcap file. RTEL binaries are provided for many systems.


Source code is also provided for use on non-supported systems. Ensure that a binary copy is performed. From within the LPC administrative utility, enter these commands to clear and reset the host queue:The EPS Print Server quickly connects to the parallel or serial (RS) port Lantronix EPS2-100 Print Server laser, inkjet and even dot matrix printers, enabling multiple users to access. The Lantronix multi-port Fast Ethernet Print Servers (EPS and. NOTE: EZWebCon is also available from the Lantronix FTP and BBS.

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