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The method can further comprise negotiating secure channel parameters with the target network, encrypting the data payload, adding data integrity protection to the communication, encapsulating the communication according to a VPN protocol, authenticating the wireless device as an authorized user of the private network and granting access to a target network resource. Private communications discriminate between the intended audience and Gateway 510 Intel LAN others. A lack of privacy means the communication can be seen or heard by anyone willing to listen, and whatever information within the communication, confidential or not, is compromised by exposure to the public.

The assurance that communications are kept private in the channel gives a user confidence and incentive to utilize that forum. Gateway 510 Intel LAN

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There Gateway 510 Intel LAN numerous ways of protecting a communication from the public. The PSTN is the international collection of land lines dedicated to telephone service. A communication directed from one party to another moves directly over the PSTN with little risk of compromise, unless a third party physically taps into the PSTN and eavesdrops on the communication.

Although the potential for eavesdropping is a security risk, it is minimal compared to the risks inherent in sending communications over an untrusted public network, where all parties on the network have visibility into each communication passed over the network. Communication over an untrusted public network, however, can provide certain advantages. Gateway 510 Intel LAN

Public networks such as the Internet, provide an inexpensive and ubiquitous forum for communication, enabling an entire host of users to communicate directly with each other in a way unmatched by any private network. Gateway 510 Intel LAN, since the communications are public, any party can intercept and read the messages sent. This potential for compromised communications has led to the development of secure channels.

Secure channels, such as virtual private networks VPNsallow communications to be sent over public networks with little risk of compromise. For instance, a remote user can send an email over the public network to a target network, such as a corporate intranet, without having to use solely trusted networks such as the PSTN or POTS. In order to Gateway 510 Intel LAN this, the remote user would use a client device, such as a personal computer PC or notebook computer, to establish a secure channel with the target network.


The client device requires additional overhead in order to format the communications to the correct protocol. This overhead includes secure communication software and hardware capabilities sufficient to correctly establish the secure channel, and to perform the high degree of processing necessary to configure the communication for secure transmittal over the public network. In addition to the client device overhead, overhead is added to the communications Gateway 510 Intel LAN as a result of the formatting required for transport over the secure channel.

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This added overhead typically increases the size of the communications. Therefore, the amount of processing, Gateway 510 Intel LAN and bandwidth necessary to transport a communication increases even though the message content of the communication itself stays the same. SUMMARY The systems and methods for secure communication over a wireless network provide for secure communication between a wireless device and a target network. The wireless device sends a communication to a communication module within a trusted wireless network.


The communication module is configured to send the communication to the target network through a secure channel. The secure channel protects the privacy of the communication sent over a public network.

The communication module can be configured to interface with multiple networks, including the target network and the trusted wireless network. The communication module preferably contains a channel manager, which manages the secure channel connected to the communication module.

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The communication module also preferably includes several sub-modules with distinct functionalities. These sub-modules can include an Gateway 510 Intel LAN sub-module for encapsulating communications, an authentication sub-module for authenticating the identity of a user, an access control sub-module for managing the access control policies of the secure communication system and a data security sub-module for managing and implementing the data security measures of the secure communication system.

Introduction The systems and methods for secure communication over a wireless network enable a wireless device to securely communicate with a target network over a public network. Within secure communication systemsecure channel extends over public network between communication module and target network Wireless device sends a communication over trusted wireless network to communication modulewhich formats the communication and sends it to target network over secure channel Conversely, target network can communicate with wireless device by sending a communication over secure channel to communication modulewhich the relays the communication to wireless device over trusted wireless network Secure communication system provides the advantage of offloading the secure communication overhead generally required to format communications for transmission over secure channel The functionality provided by this overhead, which is incorporated into the client device in conventional systems, is instead integrated into communication module This provides numerous advantages, most notably to wireless devicesuch as reduced requirements in size, memory, processing capability and power consumption.

Secure communication system maintains privacy by utilizing the security features of trusted wireless network to keep communications between wireless device and communication module private. The private nature of a communication received Gateway 510 Intel LAN communication module is preserved by using secure channel for transmission to target networkwhich is also a trusted network.

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In this manner, the communication is protected from compromise by third parties. In addition, because secure channel does not extend over trusted wireless networkthe added communication overhead is no longer required for communications sent over trusted wireless network This decrease in size of the communications provides an increase in the amount of available bandwidth within trusted wireless network The decreased size also reduces the amount of processing and memory necessary to transport a communication over trusted wireless network Example Environment Before describing secure communication system in Gateway 510 Intel LAN, it is useful to describe a simple example environment in which secure communication system can be implemented.

One such environment is the exchange of confidential email between two employees of a corporation, where one employee has local access to the trusted corporate intranet and the other is located offsite and must connect remotely. Processor Intel (Northwood) GHz/ MHz. - System Chipset Intel G chipset, consisting of: Intel G GMCH Intel EB ICH5. Find great deals for Gateway PC Desktop - Customized. Product Identifiers. Brand. Gateway.


Model. eBay Product ID (ePID) HP OMEN (1TB+GB, Intel Core i7 7th Gen., GHz,16GB) Tower Desktop - Z5N88AA Raspberry Pi Zero W - Wireless/LAN/Bluetooth Development Board, BRAND NEW.

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