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An esthetic goal of the yard redesign was to create a high desert look. As a card-carrying lithophile lover of rocks I wanted to use natural rock as an accent to xeric plantings.

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I also wanted to use large placed native sandstone boulders to give a naturalistic appearance to the landscaping. Since large boulders would have significant visual as well as physical mass it was necessary to have knowledge of their size and shape during implementation of a organized design process using the same tools and techniques applied to the architectural design, as described above. Searching for suitable rocks I first contacted the local retailers. Looking at stock in the commercial yards, and inquiring as to the source and availability of sandstone, I learned that the supply primarily comes from higher elevations in Colorado.

Additionally, the vendors did not Dell Precision 650 3DLabs Wildcat3 6110 Graphics or deliver rocks of the size I wished use.

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Because the available sandstone did not come from San Juan County it did not look like the local natural outcroppings. In addition the lichen crusts were very dark, typical of alpine environments in Colorado but not like that found at the lower elevations in the San Juan Basin. Lichens on sandstone in the county have a great variety of colors, from white to grey, greens, oranges and reds, browns and black. Fortunately, I was able to locate a suitable source for sandstone on property I own in Dell Precision 650 3DLabs Wildcat3 6110 Graphics county, in an inconspicuous location where removal would not compromise future development. I took a digital camera, tape measure and notebook to the source outcrops and documented the available boulders.

Source rock outcrop for large sandstone boulders used in front landscaping. Individual boulders given a unique identifier and measurements recorded in field notebook.

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The information gathered from the field survey was then used to create 3D models representing the approximate Dell Precision 650 3DLabs Wildcat3 6110 Graphics and shape of the individual boulders which could then be located as desired when creating the model of the completed yard. Models of large rocks located as intended in relation to retaining wall and decorative paving. A low front retaining wall intersecting large rocks was designed to visually suggest that rocks are native outcrops and house and walls were arranged around them. The inset section in the middle of the wall mirrors a similar inset in the rear yard retaining wall and provides a location for a yucca to be located in the sidewalk planting strip with a setback sufficient to prevent spines from overhanging the public sidewalk.

Plan view of 3D model of entire property. Space available for sq. Once the overall design of the front yard was completed via 3D modeling a 2D drawing was created to apply for the construction permit and to communicate the details to the contractor.

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Drawing geometry is automatically generated from the 3D model by the software. Dimensions and notes added manually.

The next step was to remove the rocks from the source outcrops. A backhoe and pickup towed trailer was used for smaller rocks.

Loading rocks for transport. Nylon slings used to minimize surface damage to rocks with lichen crust. Unloading rocks for placement in yard. Largest rocks approached lift capacity of loader.

Having reached the construction site the larger rocks were unloaded from trailers and placed in the yard according to the plan using a measuring tape. Some of the smaller rocks were placed on an ad-hoc basis, under the supervision of the designer, where they did not directly relate to the retaining wall or paving. Placing large rocks according to the plan.

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In some instances rocks were moved twice to make final adjustments once they had all been placed. Once all of the larger rocks had been placed according to the plan, work commenced on construction of the retaining wall. Constructing retaining wall formwork. Constant care required to minimize damage to lichen crust on rocks Dell Precision 650 3DLabs Wildcat3 6110 Graphics reminding trades not to use them as workbenches. Free Download Dell Precision 3DLabs Wildcat3 Graphics Driver (Graphics Board). Dell Precision 3Dlabs Wildcat4 Graphics Driver Dell Precision 3DLabs Wildcat3 Graphics Driver

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