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That COWON D3, Android 2. Cowon has definitely reworked the OS for its own purposes, and in doing so, we're left with a music app that's actually less intuitive than Google's own, an email app that's laughable compared to Gmail, and no access whatsoever to the Android Market. If it sounds like a train wreck, that's because it is.

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We can't deny that things are fairly pleasing to the eye at a glance, but the eye candy matters less and less as you actually try to use the device. The preloaded applications are all so-so, and the inability to easily find and download new ones is a real deal-killer. We should probably take COWON D3 opportunity to point out that the D3 isn't as Mac-friendly as the company's prior offerings; we were never able to drop anything music, apps, etc. It's theoretically possible to get Skype on here, and we actually managed to complete a Skype call over WiFi, but the app takes ages to load, and due to the lackluster microphone quality, folks on the other end couldn't wait to rid themselves of our intrusion.

After using it for a week, we found ourselves a lot less impressed with Android on a PMP.

In fact, we felt it unnecessary, at least when bona fide Android Market access is forbidden. You might say that you'd rather have the ability to sideload Angry Birds than to have no options at COWON D3 for installing it, and we'd have a tough time arguing that; however, there's essentially no hope that this device will COWON D3 see Froyo, let alone Gingerbread, and the hardware just isn't powerful enough to run Google's mobile OS in a satisfactory manner. Performance Speaking of which, it's about time we touch on just how sluggish the D3 is.

[ROM][CWM Recovery] Cowon D3 DFKT

We can't put a finger on what sort of processor is tucked inside update: More often than not, we'd have to swipe two or COWON D3 times before the device would recognize our touch, and while pinch-to-zoom is supported, you won't be making much use of it if the device requires two to three seconds to understand what you're trying to do. Even changing orientation from vertical to horizontal takes three to COWON D3 seconds, and while one or two of these would be forgivable, the entire experience becomes bogged down in no time flat.

However, the love ends there. For most other things, this device needs some work and some of COWON D3 might not be fixable. This CPU is already out-dated and it's probably the main reason why the device is still stuck on Android 2.


That's fine for COWON D3 playback, but if you plan to do anything else you had best install a Task Manager app to kill all the extra stuff running in the background. This comes with the territory with Cowon products, unfortunately.

You definitely want a case if you plan to carry this thing around, COWON D3 probably a screen protector as well. And, the device recovery area is locked down, so it's difficult to mod - you can root it, at least. Even with Wifi off, I seem to run out of battery a lot faster with this thing. The D3 uses an Android operating system and COWON D3 equipped with an internal 32GB flash memory that can be easily expanded by utilizing the MicroSD storage expansion card slot. Supporting several audio, video, photo and text file formats, the D3 is capable of full HD p video playback.

COWON 32GB D3 Plenue (Black) DBL B&H Photo Video

It can also use the NTFS format to quickly transfer and copy large, high-quality files, making COWON D3 fast and easy to watch videos on the D3 in up to x p resolution. No information is available for this page. COWON D3

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Portable Audio & Headphones. Cowon D3 Black Plenue " Prestige MP3 Player with Android, 16GB.

If you are looking for Audiophile quality the D3 COWON D3 suit your perfectly, the D3 has the ability to reproduce your digital audio collection at standards that will leave your ears.

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