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In addition, additional devices may be coupled to or integrated with an endpoint, such as display screens, overhead projectors, cameras, printers, scanners, microphones, loudspeakers, computers, etc. The endpoints 12 and 14 communicate via a network Audio signals may be transmitted and received via the network Video signals may also be transmitted and received via the network Furthermore, data, including but not limited to, control signals, may be transmitted and received via network Gateway 712 Conexant Modem In some embodiments, the network 16 may be the PSTN. In other embodiments, the network may be an IP-based network.

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Various communication protocols may be used for exchanging signals and Gateway 712 Conexant Modem, including but not limited to control signals, between the endpoint 12 and the endpoint With reference to FIG. In addition, control data is bi-directional, and each endpoint 24, 25, and 26 including the bridge 22 can send and transmit control data. For instance, control data may be sent from the bridge 22 to control one or more of the endpoints 24, 25, and Thus, control signals may be used to control or be controlled by another endpoint including the bridge In order to send digital data in addition'to the normal audio or video signals over the existing audio or video channel, a data connection may be embedded within an existing audio or video connection.

Utilizing this process to transmit data during audio or video conferencing, various types of data aside from the normal audio or video data can be exchanged by way of embedded digital signals. For example, a participant in a multipoint call, using a multipoint bridge, may wish to manage and supervise that call. The participant can use the existing audio connection to carry additional supervisory information, allowing her to monitor and control the bridge operation for information such as number and identification of participants, current cost of conference, session identification, number of channels simultaneously enabled, and many other functions associated with bridge control.

This channel also gives the supervisor, over the established channel, the ability to send data to the bridge, performing operations such as muting some or all other endpoints, disconnecting some or all other users, transferring supervisor status to another user, changing operating mode of the bridge, initiating a polling process, and numerous other functions. Additional various examples of control functions will be discussed below. For example, control data may include Gateway 712 Conexant Modem to adjust a far endpoint's volume. For example, a participant at one site listening participant may detect that another participant speaking participant is sending audio at an unusually low amplitude.

Rather than interrupting the speaking participant and asking that he speak more loudly or closer to the microphone, or rather than increasing the listening participant's volume, the listening participant can send a command message from his endpoint through the existing audio channel to control the far endpoint by increasing its transmit gain to compensate. As another example, the control signals may include instructions for the bridge to dial a specific phone number or connect to Gateway 712 Conexant Modem specific IP address. In this manner, a conferee may be added to a conference call. Advantageously, by having the bridge call a participant instead of having the participant call the bridge, the participant need not Gateway 712 Conexant Modem any phone numbers, conference ID numbers, or passwords to join a conference.

As another example, the control signals may include instructions to mute some or all other endpoints. For example, in an audio conference among one hundred participants, one may be granted speaker status by the bridge, and all others can be automatically muted. The conference can then proceed in half-duplex mode rather than full-duplex mode.

Advantageously, less bandwidth is required for half-duplex mode. In addition, when one participant is the primary speaker for a length of time, automatically muting all other participants' endpoints greatly simplifies the process of mixing and processing all of the endpoint audio signals. Furthermore, the other ninety-nine participants need not remember to mute their endpoints manually. This also advantageously avoids the possibility of some of the other ninety-nine Gateway 712 Conexant Modem fumbling with their endpoint devices to find a mute button and accidentally hanging up. A process may also be provided to selectively allow the muted participants to contribute to the conference. For example, another participant can ask a question by pressing a question button on his endpoint. A message is sent to the bridge, indicating that the question has been accepted.


The bridge decodes this message, and forwards a message to the questioner User The questioner's endpoint is unmuted, and the participants can hear his question. In addition, the control signals may provide instructions that a far endpoint establish a new connection, such as an IP connection to a website.

Gateway 712 Conexant Modem In audio conferences, it is often desired to add additional content to the audio conference. This may be by adding a graphics connection to share a slide presentation, or by sending photographs, by adding a video connection, or by some other mode.

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This can be done by a variety of means, but most often involves a considerable degree of effort and delay, and results in considerable disruption Gateway 712 Conexant Modem the meeting. The greatest part of this disruption is due, not to the actual exchange of the additional information, but to the effort required to establish the connection by which the additional material will be sent.


This effort will often entail the comparison of additional telephone or fax numbers, IP addresses, passwords, session identification numbers, and a tedious repetition of same while all participants compare status information to figure out why the connection is not occurring. For example, in an audio conference between two participants, one participant may Gateway 712 Conexant Modem a slide presentation he wishes to show to the other participant from his computer.

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Participant A PA connects his computer's video port to a special port on his speakerphone. The speakerphone is designed such that it recognizes the presence of video Gateway 712 Conexant Modem this special port, or on command as by a press of a button, as an instruction to establish an IP connection to the far end, and to then compress and send whatever video it sees at this special port.

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The video is sent over the IP connection, either as a separate Gateway 712 Conexant Modem on the existing IP connection or as a second communication link. Free Download Gateway Conexant Modem Driver for XP (Modem). "Gateway nv48 conexant modem driver for vista os 7". stream · Gateway nv48 conexant modem driver for vista os 7 using magnet link. Seeders: Leechers: 0.

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