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Comment 33 Laszlo Ersek That is, I prepare a debug-patched grub package, then adventurous users that experience the symptoms and are willing to help install it, and come back with the debug output.

Asrock F24 Notebook Modem on the debug output, we try to figure out what went wrong, refine the debug patches, goto This is a scratch build with my debug patches. For installing this, you might have to run "dnf downgrade", as the "dbg01" counter that Asrock F24 Notebook Modem put in the NVR happens to make "grub For the further debug builds, I'll keep bumping the dbg counter, so dnf upgrade should work. This is in no way supported, signed, or anything like that.

If it breaks your machine, you get to keep both pieces. You've been warned.


While I cannot reproduce the subject symptoms, the debug patches seem to pass the smoke test they produce a bunch of info messages and allow booting Windows I could expose the build s more permanently in my people. If you have the gear for this i.

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You will have to disable Secure Boot, or authorize this grub binary in MokManager. Please capture the log Asrock F24 Notebook Modem of text file leading up to the failure, and attach it to this BZ. Comment 35 Daniel Comment 36 Sebastian Grill Here my pong: I attach the screen capture from my Dell E with your dgb01, after choosing to bootstrap the Windows 8. The output goes on and on, after pressing a key, the address after "entry" is then incremented by 2.

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Comment 38 Bogdan Costescu Can you please upload the full output? The file you uploaded doesn't contain the debug messages that lead directly to the error.

What I'd need is the last one or two pages right before the failure. Well, let me put it like this: Okay, so here goes.

Notably, the reloc section which contains the list of lists of Asrock F24 Notebook Modem is not necessarily copied it can be marked as discardable in the image fileand Bogdan's log file fragment actually says "Discarding section" for the reloc section. In the callee, "data" stands for the section-wise copied, to-be-relocated image. This logic comes from the following downstream-only commit: Add secureboot support on efi chainloader Expand the chainloader to be able to verify the image by means of shim lock protocol. The shim will use MOK in addition to firmware enrolled keys to verify the image.

The chainloader module could be used to load other UEFI bootloaders, such as xen. Based on https: It copies all sections.

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Let's talk a bit about the relocation section. The relocation section apparently consists of sequences like this: The "size" field describes the size of that sequence, including the "rva" and "size" Asrock F24 Notebook Modem themselves, and the number of entries marked above as N, M, K in each sequence can be derived from the "size" field in that sequence. Each time it starts working on a new sequence, it determines the end of the sequence Asrock F24 Notebook Modem in order to see where the entries will end, for that sequence. The purported end is subjected to a wraparound check. Let me quote the SUSE original: So the check intends to ensure that the end of this reloc sequence will be within the copied image file.

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This check makes sense because the copied image fill is guaranteed, in the SUSE version, to contain the reloc section. BTW, there's an off-by one in the code above: Anyway, I digress. Okay, let's see how the same looks in the RHEL code: In other words, this is an omission in the port from SUSE's patch. Title: Asrock F24 Notebook Modem Driver File name: File size: MB Version: latest. MultiBook F24 . Introduces you to the Notebook PC and Asrock F24 Notebook Modem User Manual. TIP: You can buy travel kits for the Notebook PC that includes power and modem.

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