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ASRock EP2C602D16 Marvell SATA is why the 3rd party Marvell SE storage controller is integrated in this board. What is the overall physical condition on your board? Without these preliminary information, we are unable to agree with your DOA statement. Please follow the order from top to bottom to install those required drivers.

Therefore, the drivers you install can work properly. What is Hot Plug?

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You can also use the mouse to click your required item. Please check the following table for the descriptions of each navigation key. Setting wrong values in this section may cause the system to malfunction. Just save the new UEFI file to your USB flash drive, floppy disk or hard drive and launch this tool, then you can update your UEFI only in a few clicks without preparing an additional floppy diskette or other complicated flash utility. The default value is [Enabled]. Ring-In Power On Use this item to enable or disable Ring-In signals to turn on the system from the power-soft-off mode. Intel Hyper Threading Technology To enable this feature, a computer system with an Intel ASRock EP2C602D16 Marvell SATA that supports Hyper-Threading technology and an operating system that includes optimization for this technology is required.

Active Processor Cores Use this item to select the number of cores to enable in each processor package. The default value is [All].

It is recommended to enable this option to enhance data processing capacity. Primary Graphics Adapter This allows you to select a graphics device as the primary display. The default value is [PCI Express].

2x SSD on Raid Card?

It is recommended to select [En abled]. It is recommended to select [Auto]. Memory Configuration Memory Mode Select the mode for memory initialization. Independent channel mode.

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The memory subsystem writes identical data to two channels simultaneously. Identical memory modules should be installed in the two channels closest to the processor.

The two channels closest to the processor are com bined to form a single channel. Memory modules must be iden tical in size, speed, and technology in corresponding slots.

This mode occurs when on-demand inactive memory is auto matically activated by the system to temporarily replace failed memory until a service action can be performed. The options are Disabled, 0, 1 Intel ASRock EP2C602D16 Marvell SATA value8 and DRAM Frequency If [Auto] is selected, the motherboard will detect the memory module s inserted and assign the appropriate frequency auto matically. The default value is [Auto]. Rank Interleaving It allows you to select a rank memory interleaving method. Patrol Scrub Patrol Scrub is a background activity initiated by the processor to seek out and fix memory errors.

The default value is [Disabled]. Data Scrambling Enable this feature to ensure data security and integrity.


Device Tagging The ability to replace a device with excessive corrected error. EP2CL/D16 SATA Controller, - Intel® C 2 x SATA3 Gb/s, 8 x SATA2 Gb/s, support ASRock EP2C602D16 Marvell SATA 0, 1, 5, 10 and Intel® Rapid StorageNCQ, AHCI. EP2CL/D Dual Socket R (LGA), supports Intel Xeon // & v2 series; Supports Quad Channel DDR3 memory, 16 DIMM slots.

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