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When in this mode, the clients must have their IP addresses assigned manually or by a different DHCP server in order to communicate with the network. The default AirTies Air 6271 Address of your device isand the default Netmask is You can change these values depending on the requirements of your existing network. You can also specify which VLAN these settings will apply to.

Air - AirTies

Maximum lease time for an IP address is set as seconds, which AirTies Air 6271 the assigned IP address will be renewed every seconds. Click Save for your settings to take effect.


To do this, the IP address of the device modem, server, AirTies Air 6271. SPI monitors the protocol and packet addresses being received to determine if the information should be passed through the firewall to the connected computers. Internet addresses that are a source of malicious attacks are permanently blocked from accessing your network.


You can also limit or block the Internet access of any local user by defining advanced rules for Internet access. AirTies Air 6271 New to define a new access rule. You also have to specify which VLAN is to be the listening interface. Through this menu, you can also reserve an IP address for a client. When an IP address is reserved for a client, it cannot be assigned to any other client.

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Whenever the client connects to the device, it AirTies Air 6271 the IP address reserved for it. You can see the IP addresses that are reserved in the Static Addresses table.

Default Router Passwords

Dynamic Addresses table shows the IP addresses assigned but not reserved. Choose a name that is easy to remember.

In the Select Applications section, specify the applications you would like to block access to by the clients you have defined in the Select Clients section previously. You can specify the times that the Access Rule will be in effect by checking the Schedule AirTies Air 6271. If you define scheduling rules, then the access rule will be in effect only during the times specified. In the window that appears: When this feature is activated, the clients whose MAC addresses are on the list will have their access to the router blocked.

To restrict access based on MAC Address: Enter a MAC address or choose from the list of existing clients and click Add. To activate the rule you have defined, check the Enable Access Control box and click Save. In this window, you can set the maximum number of connections that will be allowed from the Internet for a specified time interval for each protocol.

The Anti-DoS feature is disabled by default. To enable Anti-DoS and configure the necessary settings: Check the Enable Anti-DoS box. Enter the maximum number of connections that will be allowed over the LAN and Internet. NAT is enabled by default Port Forwarding Port Forwarding is used in order for a host outside your local network to access a AirTies Air 6271 on your local network. On the screen that appears, you will see the list of currently defined port forwarding rules. If no rules have been defined yet, then the list will be empty.

To define a new port forwarding rule, click New On the top AirTies Air 6271 of the page that comes up, fill out the fields related to the forwarding rule and the client PC s the rule will apply to. Rule Name: Enter a name for the new rule you are defining.

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This section is for specifying AirTies Air 6271 clients that the port forwarding rule will apply to. Here, you will see the port forwarding rule you have defined. After checking that all the values displayed are correct, check the Enable Port Forwarding box. Then, click Save.


On the lower half of the screen, you can enter the port forwarding rule parameters. In AirTies Air 6271 Application Name field, enter the name of the application for the port forwarding rule you are creating. All the values you have entered for the application will show up in the table below.


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