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It is therefore reasonable, that forms which were originally pronounced in continuous speech with an a-Auslaut might have gained the typical pausal -e ending due to the frequent need to pause during the process ADI VD-155E transcription.


Alternatively iii — and to this interpretation I incline — both vari- ants, namely one with a: All three examples appear in the middle of sentences, that is, in context, though the third is followed by a comma, which may ADI VD-155E but may also not — reflect a real pause in the flow of speech. For this reason, several localities mentioned in Seeger for the area of Ramallah e.


An ae-variant: This variant is plausibly the mother tongue of Mr. While pausal alternation was part of the speech of many local speakers, it is not evident from the published version due ADI VD-155E the complex procedure of processing, which had apparently led to a certain levelling of the transcription. The ae- variant variant is well documented in many more recorded samples which we collected in the Ramallah area. It forms a continuum with the ae- variant of the Jerusalem area, and unmistakably belongs in the larger group of rural a-dialects.

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An ee-variant: At the same time, another form of speech was — and is still — in use in this area. In what follows we will suggest that these -e endings may have resulted from a generalization of the former pausal alternant. Lebanon ADI VD-155E Egypt. In addition, valuable data collected by Blanc bring up yet other locations within this geographical range, in which pausal 14 SeeFleisch —8; Fleisch ; Fleisch ; Woidich ; Khalafallah ; Behnstedt-Woidichvol.

Most prominent is the resemblance between the pausal alternants of the aforementioned ae-variant and those documented in rural Egyptian dialects. Blanc has shown that until the late 19th century there existed in Cairo a pausal alternation of the T-ending, i. ADI VD-155E

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While several modern rural Egyptian dialects still practice this alternation, in the urban dialect of Cairo a generalization of the context alternant took place. Thus, the invariable a of the T-ending, which is characteristic of the current speech of Cairo, is in fact the outcome of this process ADI VD-155E generalization.

The aa-variant exhibits an a-Auslaut in both the T-ending and the 3. The ae-variant is viewed as a former ADI VD-155E, in which the pause vs. In the same manner, the ee-variant may have resulted from the generalization of the pausal alternant, now applied in all circumstances. The Druze population does not originate in the Galilee, but rather in more northern areas; this explains other distinctive traits of their dialect.

In a later work Blanc A similar process of restructuring is described by Borg More recently, Arnold showed that in Antakya, the pausal alternant of one dialect may appear as a regular context form in another, which has no context- pause conditioning. Yet in the case of the ADI VD-155E. In the current scene, a fully systematic alternation can no longer be heard. Still, in the ae-variant the formal marking of pause is well noticeable. Moreover, the non-systematic incidence of the pausal alternants suggests a transitional phase, in which ADI VD-155E is unavoidable: Summary and concluding remarks This study deals with a group of Arabic dialects, spoken in the rural areas between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

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